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After some time of posting items on the more well known commercial auction sites; i grew tired of the frustration of cancelled items. Given the reason that such items were unsuitable or broke the posting guidelines.

Because of this, i decided to start my own site. One that would be a vehicle for such items that normally get either censored or banned anywhere else.

The site has now been running for about 2 months. During that time it has already received over 30,000 hits. This has been both gratifying and also surprising.

I decided on a simple to use format. Using the principal, simple means less maintainance and less to go wrong. So far, so good.

However, like most things, to stay alive, it needs to be used. I welcome new sellers, bidders and constructive criticism.

To visit the site, please go to I intend to keep this site free.

Yes I guess this does sound like a bit of a plug, but, if no one else talks about it, it falls to me to do so.


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