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London's first community-supporting market project held on the first Sunday of every month. The LAM is a great place to come and find out about alternative lifestyles, to meet and socialise with those with similar interests. We welcome all lifestyles including straight, bi, gay, lesbian, poly, TVs, TSs, Masters, Mistresses, slaves, ponies, maids, pets, ABs and even those that are just mildly kinky or just plain curious.

Our events are run in support of good causes within our communities and are open to anyone with an open mind and tolerance of others peoples' lifestyles. Come along to find out about the latest fashions, clubs and events in and around London. You will find our flyers table in the lobby of the venue where details can be found on all manner of events and services.

Absolutely no admittance below the age of 18, no photography (including camera phones) and no admittance after 5:30pm. The venue staff and event organisers reserve the right to refuse admittance if they feel you will not enjoy the event or if you are likely to adversely effect the enjoyment of others. We put the safety and comfort of our guests, stall holders and team as our highest priority.

The London Alternative Market is held on the first Sunday of every month. The next one (and first!) will be on Sunday 5th March 2006. Doors open at 11am, and the event runs 'til 6pm (last entry at 5.30pm).

Cost of admission is 4 GBP. That buys you:
Up to 7 hours of relaxing social environment.
A chance to catch up with friends both new and old.
An opportunity to see the latest fetish and alternative clothing and accessories.
Entry to the event (you can come and go, if you get a stamp at reception).
Entry into the monthly competition (details will vary).
The opportunity to watch the monthly demo, which will be at 2:15pm on the main stage. March brings us Alex Jacobs from Cobra Whips.

Fetish dress-code of the sort most London clubs demand is not necessary to gain entry to LAM. Jeans and a T-shirt are perfectly acceptable, for example. On the other hand, far be it from us to discourage people turning up dressed up to the hilt in their finest leather, latex or fabric of choice. You should also feel free to express your chosen lifestyle while at the market; Masters, Mistresses, TVs, slaves, ponies, pets and other fetishes are all welcomed as we aim to promote an open and accepting environment.

The bar is very reasonably priced and competitive with the local pubs; there will also be a concessions stand selling a variety of hot foods.

The Grand (on St. John's Hill - SW11 1TT) across from Clapham Junction Station.

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