A weekend at MsDemmie's 'The Edge'Review

What can I say ? Toppitoes and I had a wonderful time. For a start the location in a remote part of North Devon has to be seen to be believed. It is so peaceful that you feel that you have drifted into another world the moment you arrive.

This has to have been the best weekend we have had since we came onto the scene. We have been casting around for a dungeon to play in for sometime. We were recommended the Fetters one which has now sadly closed as having bought some of their equipment I can imagine that it would have been quite something. We also checked out the Westward Bound one but it was very pricey and seemed to be very restrictive as to the hours of use etc. We were pointed in the direction of The Edge run by MsDemmie

Not only do they run a dungeon (which is absolutely brilliant in itself) but they also run courses. Normally they do courses for beginners but the also do a weekend for couples who want to work on their relationship by themselves and who do not require all the basics of safe, sane consensual, safewords , safety, negotiation etc etc. This sounded ideal for us as we have been together for about a year and have done quite a lot both from the SM and D/s point of view.

Anyway we decided to go for this and were lucky enough to meet the owners MsDemmie and budgie at a couple of pre Rapture munches late last year. So when we went we fairly well relaxed although not knowing quite what to expect. Their novices course has a fairly well structured agenda but with the more experienced couples it is structured round their needs. We both sent in copies of our negotiation list to them and we sent in a list of things we wanted to learn about or do over the weekend. We included Needle Play, Age Play and any ideas for things we could do which are quiet for when the house is full of kids.

Well we got what we asked for and some. They spent a lot of time talking through general issues with us which was absolutely wonderful. We learnt so much just by discussing things with them and then between ourselves, bouncing ideas around and also by just watching and observing the two of them together. It boosted our confidence no end. Simple things like feeling guilty when you need to be more comfortable in order to get into sub space have been ironed out. And to see the change in my Mistress was a wonderful sight indeed. She has always been a wonderful dominant Mistress but what happened over the course of this weekend was a sight to behold. She went up a whole level of power ? it was like someone had retrofitted a turbo charger to her?..this in turn brought out a whole new level of submission in me which just fed the power wow

They also came up with loads of really useful ideas about things we can do when we need to be quieter as well as pointing (pun intended) out the bleeding (again) obvious that needle play is relatively quiet. Anyway on the second night we settled into the dungeon and MsDemmie and budgie proceeded to demo how needle play was done. I was really nervous but my beautiful Mistress had been working on my submissive state all day and had me in the right state although I had to make a leap of faith and trust at the last minute to keep going. She lay me down on the whipping bench and started on my front. The first needle went in and I hardly felt anything to my great surprise apart from a huge rush, by the second needle I was flying and by the time the third needle was going in I was giggling and flying. At around about this point MsDemmie and budgie realising that we were safe and knew what we were doing and observing the space that me and my Mistress were in graceful withdrew from the dungeon and left us to our own devices. Mistress put four needles in my front and ten in my back wow what an experience. I had been so nervous about this but found myself in a completely different headspace from normal sub space experiences which I have had before. At one stage it felt as if I was surfing the waves. This was a complete novelty to me that headspace could be different at different times as I have always found subspace to be very similar

We also wanted to talk about age play as this was something which we have been playing with over the last few months where I identify as an eight year old boy called David and my Mistress is his Mummy. This is all tied up to a very traumatic experience which I had on my eighth birthday. We talked about this through the weekend and a couple of interesting things happened. First David popped out very late on the first night to say that it was well past his bedtime. He disappeared pretty quick when I realised that it could be interpreted as rude and as if we were asking MsDemmie and budgie to leave. However it was significant because this was the first time that David had been out in front of other people. The following day my Mistress told me to get Mr Snowman who is Davids favourite toy and this produced another small scene where Mummy was talking to David about how he hated going to boarding school. More discussions ensued about all the negative connotations of my eighth birthday and how this is linked to my very negative reactions to any surprises in my life. Then on our last full day it was apparent that my Mistress and MsDemmie and budgie were up to something?this was edge play in itself for me and very difficult for me to stay composed as this went on from about 12 til 5pm. I had to stay focused and keep pushing myself to place my trust in my Mistress and keep going no matter what she had in mind. I kept imagining fire play as there had been some discussion of this but I had not a single clue as to what was going on. At 5 we went into MsDemmies room and as we went in My Mistress handed me Mr Snowman and said come with Mummy. As I walked into the room there was a birthday party laid out with cake and balloons and sweets and cards and presents and they all started singing happy birthday as 31 years of pent up emotions came pouring out. It was one of the most carthatic experiences of my life and is a huge step forward in me dealing with the issues which I have. I went to bed that night a very happy boy indeed curled up in my Mummys arms and woke up the following morning to realise that I hadn?t been sent away to school and was till at home with Mummy.

A wonderful weekend on so many levels what more can I say

We are about to rush off for the second part of our holiday so if anyone wants any more info they will have to wait until we return in ten days or so

Proud to be loved, owned, pierced and cared for by Mistress Toppitoes

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