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For Xmas I was spoilt rotten by my wonderful boyfriend who bought me a rubber dress from Westward Bound, using their webpages to order it.

It's a really good dress, made from quality rubber that will last, you don't have to be afraid about stretching it to get it on. I would recommend that anyone who is seriously into rubber pays the small amount extra that it costs to go somewhere like Westward Bound, with a good reputation, because you get what you pay for. Quality rubberwear will last more or less as long as you look after it - cheaper outfits will often only last a couple of wears before you stretch them out of shape getting them on and off, or even put a hole in them.

Ordering from the website was pretty fast, the website itself is laid out a bit weirdly but it's okay once you get used to it and learn to ignore all the background pictures that have nothing to do with what you're looking for. The dress turned up very quickly and was the right size and colour etc.

The site shows you suggested outfits, a sneaky commercial ploy which resulted in me getting a pair of gloves at the same time as my dress! I ordered the small size in the gloves, and was pleased to see that they really are very small - this might be a problem for some people, but my hands are that size so it is great to get gloves that fit.

I've owned other items from Westward Bound in the past, and I've never been disappointed with any item I've got from there. Highly recommended.

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Reasonable prices too#1

Considering the quality of the goods that you get from Westward Bound, the prices are pretty good too - my rubber shorts from there cost the same as my first pair from a local shop, ?30, but are made of much nicer rubber. The cut is quite different, which made me think they had a baggy spot at first, but I finally realised you just have to pull them up higher!

When I order goods from websites, I use spam-protected email addresses that include the company name, so that I can trace anyone who sells my email address - Westward Bound misinterpreted this as an attempt to hijack their company name, but instead of getting all official and nasty about it, they just rang me up and asked me if I would please not use their company name as my email address... when I explained that I would only use that address to deal with them, they said that was fine, wished me a nice day and were quite happy with that - which in turn made me happy that I was giving my money to a company made up of 'real' people, not a corporate rubber machine!

On the basis of this one order, I would happily recommend Westward Bound too...

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My dress was around 70 pounds#2

Plus another 20 or so for the gloves I think - I'm not exactly sure as it was a present! The dress is a red rubber halter neck with black trim on it, miniskirt length, made from seamed panels (no zip) - it's a bit tricky to wiggle into, but looks great when it's on!


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