Auctions are Back - and they are FREENews

A while ago i had the idea for a free auction site. One that was kink friendly. I like others had suffered the guillotine from e-bay, when my items were not considered 'suitable'.

I decided to incorporate the auction site into my main web site. All went well for a while, until i suffered server problems, so the site died.

Recently, it was requested of me to have another go. So I have.

I purchased some web space and got a domain name that i felt was more suitable for this exercise, - get it??

Snag with this is, getting the interest in the site to make it worthwhile. Too many i feel, think this is an opportunity for me to make some cash. Well, I do hope to make enough, with banner advertising etc. to keep the site up for as long as people want it to be there. However, the ethic behind the site will always remain the same. Free to buyers and sellers using the site.

I have paid for webspace and domain name for a year. This I think is long enough to see if the project is something worth doing.

So far, there are some auctions on the site, and yes two items are mine (mainly to put something there for the times there isnt anything else). I understand one seller has already sold something - which is a positive start i feel?

To prospective sellers I say, it wont hurt you to have a go, after all it wont cost you anything. And, its really easy to relist sommat if it doesnt sell, which means you can help me, by keeping some items on there all the time. I have no problem with you putting web site address ad's in your items or e mail contacts either.

To prospective buyers I say, go have a look and support those that are supporting me?

There is also a personal service section on there, which means you can list an item for 1p for example and that way run an ad for your own personal services, either prodomme/dom for example, or a kink friendly trades person.

I guess the real question is, is this something people want? I will be interested to see, over time, if it is.


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