Male Shoe Fetish?Request

I'm a female with a major male shoe obsession. I'm looking for websites that are not gay-focussed to indulge my passion, with pics, fics, anthing really! I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the only person who feels like this!

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Fetish-friendly dating with ctrl-alt-date.comNews

Right now there are several online dating sites to choose from, both specific to the UK and world-wide in scope. I've long believed that the majority of these sites were lacking in some way or other, so for the past few months I've been creating my own.

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Fetish HotelsRequest

My partner and I have been looking for a fetish hotel. We would like to find a hotel that has themed rooms but is very relaxed and comfortable and you dont feel pressured as this would be my first time at a fetish hotel. I have been looking on the internet but dont seem to have found anything. If anyone has any ideas of places in the UK it would be fantastic if you could let me know - thanks!

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Saturno Butto dark fetish prints now availableNews, the fetish art print specialist, has launched an exclusive range of prints by renowned Italian artist Saturno Butto.

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CMC classifieds site now openNews

We have opened a classified advertising site for adult and fetish items. Its is FREE to advertise, and no comission on sales made. If you have new or used clothing, books, cd's, toys etc that you no longer need why not turn them into cash and make space for something new.

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New Latex Fetish web siteNews

Fetish Fairy is a new site for those wishing to buy quality latex from some of the top designers. Previously part of FairyGothMother, the new site now offers all their excellent latex collection on one site.

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Tease Me Please MeReview: Shop

I was recently checking the web to purchase a new spanking tool when I came across this fantastic site called Some of their items are awesome and if you sometimes like a decadent approach to naughty play they have some very goregous things. I just bought a Swarovski crysal crop and crystal studded leather paddle from them. I had to wait 2 weeks for them but, they are handmade to order. I am planning on buying one of their corset made by a new designer call Angels Carrying Savage Weapons, it's my 40th in a few months time so, I might just treat myself. Go and check the site out and swoon! Good customer contact and service too.

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New Fetish Art and Lifestyle MagazineNews

BitterSWEET Visions is a brand spanking new magazine and ezine. The website will be bringing you kink news and information from around the country. The magazine will be coming to a fetish event near you from April.

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New UK Online Fetish StoreNews

A new site specialising in selling bondage a fetish items to UK customers has just opened - The site also has a non-fetish section selling a range of sex toys and erotic clothing including pvc and rubber items at

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What are your attitudes toward adult webites?Request

Hello Everyone! I am a graduate student conducting a study on people's attitudes toward adult websites. The online survey is anonymous, confidential, and posted on a secured website. The survey will only take 15 minutes of your time.

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