First experience of a dungeonReview

Ms.Demmie is one of the nicest people i have ever had the privilege and honour to meet. my Master, Pagliacci, took me to stay at Ms.Demmies' dungeon 'The Edge' for a week, in February of this year.

We stayed in the cottage on our first visit. We were invited into the main house, for the evening meal and breakfast, although the cottage does have a well equipped kitchen of its own.

The cottage has three bedrooms, two of the larger bedrooms have a double bed, and the third bedroom has bunk beds. (Very comfortable.) The bathroom and one bedroom at the back, overlook some spectacular views of the hillside. The other two bedrooms overlook more spectacular views as well as a view of the ocean. The lounge has a large open fire, comfortable sofa's, and a television and stereo (for relaxation time)

We had our own key to the cottage, and collected a key to the dungeon as and when we wished use of it.

i admit, the only dungeon I had been to previously, was an after party one (no names mentioned) so this was my first time at seeing a dungeon with so much equipment.

Master (and Ms.Demmie, at Masters' request) was there to see the expression on my face as Masters' hands were removed from over my eyes.

The words 'Oh my god!' and 'WOW' came out of my mouth.

(Ms.Demmie then left Master and i to enjoy the dungeon.)

The bondage wheel (which rotates) caught my eye straight away. The bondage bed and spiders web are amazing..
Master was kind enough not to lock me in the cage (thank You Master).

The bondage bed is really something.. It has holes for the head and hands at one end and ample holes for rope work. The dungeon has a short corridor leading to a small kitchen, which adjoins a toilet/shower room.

Those using the dungeon have complete privacy, however, i must include the point that there is a door adjoining the main house which is primarily only used in case those using the dungeon have any kind of emergency or need assistance from Ms.Demmie.

i personally, as novice to a dungeon, didn't feel intimidated, scared or apprehensive of being used on any of the equipment in Ms.Demmies' dungeon..

In fact, Master and i have re-visited Ms.Demmie and 'The Edge' dungeon since, and plan to return again soon.

Ms.Demmie and her slave budgie were the most hospitable of Hostess and host... i found it a real joy to be in there company.

Being new to the lifestyle, and a novice to dungeons, my words of recommendation may not hold much weight for some .All i can say, is that you never know unless you try and experience this dungeon, cottage and gorgeous surroundings yourselves..

'The Edge' is found at

The dungeon equipment is from

As an endnote, I would just like offer my thanks Ms.Demmie and budgie.

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I have looked at this page with a view to taking my slave there.To Dove who wrote this article I have a request. I have had my slave for some three years now, not as a slave for the whole of that period but for the last two years. I am concerned that she is in her slave mode somewhat isolated as we do not go to clubs etc: What she needs is a fellow female slave who she can at times talk to by email in order to air her thoughts and feelings. A sort of sharing slave understandings. Maybe Dove with her Masters consent could be the one. I ajudge this initially by her description and obvious like of the Edge. If this idea is initially acceptable please email me on so that we may explore precip further. Thank you for your article.

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