UK Fetish Info nominated for Erotic

We've been nominated for an Erotic Award! As part of the judging process, we're supposed to supply 'reviews and/or press cuttings' about the site... of which there are basically none :( I suggested that instead I post an article asking the readers to explain why they like the site, and then send in the answers. This idea met with approval, so... why do you like this site? :)

The award we're nominated for is Disability Friendly Website (this site works very well with screen reading software for example), so comments are particularly sought from blind or otherwise disabled readers who have found some aspect of the site useful to them in connection with their disability.

However, any and all feedback is important - I intend to print out this article along with all the comments posted in reply to it, and send them to the judging panel for the award, in place of the more usual commercially based reviews they might see for other sites. This is your site, and I think your reviews are the most important ones!

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ice-on-fire comment on website#1

Friendly website, easy on the eyes, not clogged up with superfluous dark and mysterious black things. Does what it is supposed to do - inform about the fetish scene. The site seems to be useful both to newcomers, provinding info in a non scary format and to the more experienced in the realms of fetish. My congratulations to the web master.

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This site is worthy because the archive and articles have been of immense use to myself and my partner as we discovered the scene.

Its user-friendly and informative, the reviews of events being of utmost importance to us before we visit an event.

The owner is also very approachable and open to suggestions too !

Keep it up


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good site
sraight and to the point
nothing to distract you
and so easy to use
a fool can use it blindfold,or gagged too

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More praise#3

Two things I like about this site:

1. It looks good. No cliched, latex 'n' bullwhip 'embellishments'. Just nice clean web-design. 'Nuff said.

2. It has attracted some thoughtful, intelligent, posters who have contributed enormously by sharing their experience and insight with the community. Those wonderful essays just keep me coming back.

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Comment on Website#4

Fast and easy loading site which is packed with interesting reviews and comprehensive scene information.. It does what it says on the can!

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A well deserved nomination . I love this site and always recommend. It easily accesible, informative and interactive, and great platform for discussion and comment.

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Good site design...#7

Sort of thing that makes it easy to navigate and no irritating gizmos.

I like sites where people get to contribute :)

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a small critique of

Visually appealing. Not cluttered with links, and popups, and so forth in a multitude of fonts, colours, etc so favoured by many other sites. Clear structure to threading also helps.

Useful site for information dealing with the fetish/bdsm world. Not over-run by the wannabe's that spoil so many other sites and this is in part i believe to the dedication of the site owner/maintener to keep this as a useful and dedicated resource for people in these scenes


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Erotic Award Nomination#9

i have always found this site to be a library of useful and practical information.

i *know* Denny has worked very hard to keep the site to a format which is browser independent. Anyone out there developing web sites at a professional level knows exactly how demanding that is.

While maintaining that yardstick, Denny has always managed to make the site, such that it is voxable from Lynx. In fact he has complained to me about one or two of my postings in the past, which may have pushed this to it's technical limits ;). My sincerest apologies.

Denny has also built a facility which comes into its own by being non commercial and 'by the people, for the people'.
what more can i say? if you are fed up with trawling the web looking for info and just getting hit with ads all the time, take a break at, the web site others cannot touch at all. It *does* make a difference


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Thanks for your comments...#10

Thankyou to everyone who took the time to add a comment here - I've now printed off this page and sent a copy to the judges for the Erotic Awards.

I'm not sure when I'll hear anything back from them, presumably they'll be issuing a shortlist or something so that people know to attend the Ball in case they've won?! Anyway, I'll post updates to the site as I receive them, obviously...


I'm one of the admins here on
Which doesn't make anything I say any more likely to make sense.

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Re: UK Fetish Info nominated for Erotic Award#12

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Re: Re: UK Fetish Info nominated for Erotic Award#13

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