BFE Sunday 9th December is a HITReview: Event

Despite some adverse publicity at the 11th hour, the pervy public flocked to BFE's Xmas event. There were the usual traders including me plus some new ones. The BFE controlled the film crew which had caused all the pre-event consternation, as they always said they would!! with the result the atmosphere was light hearted and very seasonal.

The vendors provided all sorts of 'goodies' for models, which were supplied by the BFE team, to wear and the fashion show that followed was a huge sucess. The Morris dancers I'm told were good fun (I didn't see them).

So congratulations to all, for the event, and let's hope the Pervy public of the SouthWest start to apppreciate the efforts of the BFE Team and Vendors who all work hard to provide this event.

Details of the BFE (held every 2nd Sunday of the month) are to be found at

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Liked the vibe

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