'You Do Voodoo' Fetish Ball in SF, USANews

DomDominion.com announces 'You Do Voodoo' Fetish Ball to be held January 13th 2002 in San Francisco to celebrate launch of fetish-based Website and dominatrix calendar.

Up to 2,000 people, are expected to gather from around the world on Sunday evening January 13, 2002 for an event that San Francisco is uniquely qualified for: a fetish/BDSM extravaganza with a voodoo theme.

'This event is drawing the high-fashion fetish elite from around the world. Many are pro-doms (professional dominatrices). This isn't going to be bacchanalian orgy, but rather an elegant ball featuring high fashion, art and music,' said Erika Redding, founder of DomDominion.com

Ms. Redding also adds, 'One of our goals is to introduce the fetish curious to an environment where advanced sexual interaction can be safely explored with experienced individuals who share their fetish desires.'

To help provide an atmosphere where the fetish curious can feel welcomed, there will be an information booth featuring many experts in the field to provide advice, including ladies from the pro-dom house, The Gates, who professionally offer explorations into fantasy & BDSM. DomDominion.com is also very pleased to have Good Vibrations, well known for their in-store classes and educational resources, to be contributing to our info booth.

One of the things that sets the DomDominion.com Fetish Ball apart from other fetish parties is that there will be a specially segregated VIP area. Both the general admission and VIP areas will offer dungeons for BDSM play, but while the general admission area is geared more for the novice and the curious, the VIP area dungeon is more private and will be where most of the pro-doms and other invited guests intend to play. The VIPs will also be treated to a fully catered pre-event party, and many other special treats.

Available to both VIPs and the general admission will be a fully stocked bar, dance floor, art exhibit, fetish wear and fetish toy vendors, as well as a 'voodoo' drum band playing outside.

While Ms. Redding welcomes the novices and is going to great lengths to accommodate them at the ball and welcome them into the fetish community, she does draw the line when it comes to the very strict dress code, 'Everyone we've invited already knows to dress in Latex, PVC, Leather, Rubber, Corsets, or Metal, but to allow the inexperienced to feel more comfortable, we're allowing guests to also wear voodoo theme costumes, masquerade ball attire, elegant period or high formal attire.'

Along with the other festivities will be several stage shows emceed by 'The Worlds Most Dangerous Magician', Paul Nathan. The main show will be the presentation of the DomDominion.com 2002 Fetish Calendar by Ms. Redding and the pro-doms featured in the calendar. This show will set the mood for the whole party and will be followed by the fashion show with performance art.

In addition to the 5 DJs playing music in multiple rooms, the fetish rock band Spanking Machine will be performing live on-stage.

For guests attending in the voodoo theme, there will be a costume contest, where the winner will receive $500, and runners up will receive gift certificates to fetish stores, a subscription to Skin Two, and other goodies.

For everyone at the ball who wants to win something spectacular and donate to charity, there will be raffle for two tickets to Kink in the Caribbean #3. All proceeds from the raffle will go to members in the New York pro-dom community who lost loved ones in the September 11th attack.

Kink In The Caribbean, a unique, annual Fetish Event held in Jamaica will be contributing a magnificent prize for everyone at the ball who wants to win something spectacular and donate to charity. There will be raffle for two tickets to this tropical Fetish Festival, and all proceeds from the raffle will go to members in the New York pro-dom community who lost loved ones in the September 11th attack.

Contributing prizes, fashion, artwork, promotion and production to the DomDominion.com Fetish Ball include: Iniquity, Skin Two, Kink in the Caribbean, Slick, Power Exchange, Two Knotty Boys, Foot Worship, Stormy Leather, Mr. S, Madame S. Liz's Locker, Dark Garden Corsetry, Bondage-a-go-go, The Gates, Good Vibrations, Fetish Magazine, Leather Etc., Bondage.com, Artoonist Chainsaw Chuck, Slave Labor Productions, and 420Tickets.com.

The DomDominion.com 2002 Pro-Dom Fetish Calendar will be available for purchase on the DomDominion.com Website, starting January 13. It will also be available at fetish stores across the country. Information about the professional dominatrices featured in the calendar can now be found at:

Sabre Synn: http://DomDominion.com/events/sabre-synn.html

Mistress Pandora: http://DomDominion.com/events/pandora.html

Mistress Miranda: http://DomDominion.com/events/miranda.html

Omni: http://DomDominion.com/events/omni.html

General admission and VIP tickets for the event may be purchased in advance at a discount by going online at http://DomDominion.com.

For press passes please send credentials to: info@DomDominion.com

About DomDominion.com
Officially launching the day of the You Do Voodoo Fetish Ball on January 13, DomDominion.com's mission is to become the premiere Internet-based 'grapevine' of fetish/BDSM information. DomDominion.com will feature world-class Doms, fashionable apparel and accessories, events, interviews, original art and short stories, and other facets of specialized resources for the BDSM community.

DomDominion.com will be a community for the fetish curious, novices, and the most experienced players.

The founder of DomDominion.com, Erika Redding, has been an active member of the international fetish community. She has developed numerous relationships with many pro-doms , fetishists, artists, and fashion designers here in the United States as well as back in her native land of Germany. Her fetish career to date has included modeling, acting, hair, make-up, set design, wardrobe and script writing.

Ms Redding's goal is to make fetish fashion and exploration acceptable in society.

None of the parties named in the release accept any responsibility for any complications in the event of a typographical error or accidental misleading information. All event details are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: DomDominion is a servicemark of Redding Media. All other servicemarks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Website: http://DomDominion.com
Email: info@DomDominion.com

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Re: 'You Do Voodoo' Fetish Ball in SF, USA#1

Thank you for promoting this event.
More of my Erotic Fetish Art can be seen at
Thanks for visiting,
Chainsaw Chuck

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Happy celebration

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