LeCage/Roissy eventsRequest

Hi - I'm looking to attend Le Cage and Rapture events for the first time. Does anyone have information and opinions regarding these events. Worthwhile attending or not?

I am from NE England and if anyone in this area attends these events and would care to travel together and share costs please feel free to email .

Thanks in anticipation for your information.

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Try searching on this site...#1

There are loads of reviews and other comments about Rapture (and other Roissy events)... just type the word 'rapture' (or 'roissy') into the top search box below and hit the return key! I don't think I've ever seen a bad review of Rapture on this site or any other...

There's also one review of Le Cage which seems very favourable... again, type 'le cage' into the search box and hit return.


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Thanks for the information.

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Re: Thanks#4

First time here

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Hi, Rapture is a very busy event - so it's proabaly more for networking and socialising than actually playing - although there is lots of equipment and lots of people play. I like Rapture all in all and tend to go each month if possible (although i'm local to ceasers so it's easy to get there for me)people are very friendly and if your new to the scene a great way to meet people and get some practise and advise.If your not local there is nearby hotel that lots of people seem to stay at.

Hope this helps. pixie princess xxx

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