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In reference to Absolutely Alternative event on the 25th January 2002 we are now able to bring in three DJ's for the night to provide us with a mix of modern dance music. There will also be separate sounds in our new larger dungeon, Hope to see you there,

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Great news!#1

This sounds very promising... if I had to pick a weak point in the first AbAlt event, it would have been the dancefloor - it's good to see the promoters addressing that with some DJs (it was recorded music last time) and maybe a better sound system? (it was a bit lacking in bass before)

The dungeon getting bigger will no doubt please those who like to play in there too, and the night already catered extremely well for those whose play only requires soft surfaces in dark corners :) so this night should be a success for everyone now!

Looking forward to it...

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Re: Great news!#3

Very promising news


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Tess and Tony's DJ quagmire#2

Dear you two..........I have an extensive and broad collection of music that I would dearly love to share with others, and to gain an insight into the fetish scene of which I have little experience....if anyone is at all interested I would gladly send them a cassette of my personal rythms, equipment etc would only need be paid for (hire charge) no DJ'ing fee!

Love and floppy white petaled daisies



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