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We are starting our New Year off with a weekend of fun to celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary of the Inception of the London Communities Room/Munch/Community. Starting with our first munch of the year which will be held on Friday, January 18th at the Princess Louise Pub at 208 High Holborn, London. It will start at 6pm and continue on till around 10:30ish. There will be a door prize giving out to one of our guests just for showing up.

Then on Saturday, January 19th we are having our Work Shops/Play Night. This is being held at The Conway Hall. The Workshops will be ran by MRK (MasterRopeKnot) and Ganesha. They will be running two workshops one on Rope and one on Spanking/Flogging Techniques. Audience participation is very much encouraged as when you walk away from these workshops we don't want you to have just watched we want you to have tried and become comfortable to try even more on your own. Doors open at 11:45 and workshops begin promptly at Noon. They continue on till 4:00pm. There will be a 20-30 minute break in between so that people can go to the toilet or get a drink.

At 4:00pm everyone will be asked to leave so we can get things ready for the evenings' event. Don't worry there are plenty of great pubs nearby so you can stop in and get a drink or a bite to eat. Including our own favorite Princess Louise.

At 6:00pm the door will once again be open for those attending the Evening Play Night. All the equipment is being provided by the peeps at The Roissy which means of course very dependable and high quality play equipment. The doors will be locked at 9:00pm so please do make sure that you make it before then because after that NO ONE will be allowed in. Play will continue on till 11:45pm.

Couple quick notes: **There will be no alcohol served there as the place is not licensed but there will be coffee, tea, soft drinks and water for sale at reasonable cost. **Dress code is although we HIGHLY encourage fetish we do not insist on it. We do however ask that you make some effort to dress nicely. **There will be a few 'toys' on sale during the workshops such as rope kits, floggers, pinwheels. **We must stress however TICKETS WILL NOT BE SOLD ON THE DOOR. Also even though the place holds they say 500 peeps we are only allowing less then 1/4 of that amount to attend as we want the even to be something everyone enjoys and everyone has a chance to play at. We are not in this to make tons of money so therefore the high numbers are not something we are going for.

**If you wish to purchase a ticket you can do so by sending the correct amount in either cheque, postal order or cash (although if you send cash its at your own risk) along with the name you will be using that night as well as the amount of people attending and to which events (you will be notified by email when we receive your money so please also give us a email address) to

London Communites, PO Box 196, Grays, Essex, RM 20 4WG

The cost is as follows:
For Gold Members of the London Communities
15.00 for Both Workshops and the Play Night
10.00 for Play Night Only
5.00 for Workshops Only

For Non Gold Members of the London Communities
18.00 for Both Workshops and the Play Night
12.00 for Play Night Only
6.00 for Workshops Only

(for more information on the Gold Membership's please go to our website at go to the home page which is the one after the disclaimer page and push the button which is called Sign Up. There you can read about our two types of Community Membership both Regular and Gold Membership)

When we receive your money for your tickets your name will be placed on a list which will then be used on the night on the door to allow people in. NO ONE without there name on that list will be allowed in. All money must reach us NLT Thursday, January 17th. So please make sure you get them to us in plenty of time.


Any futher questions please contact us at

Hugs & Handcuffs,

Posted on behalf of London Based BDSM by LordPara.

I think this is a worthwhile event and a chance for all the London BDSM'rs to show there support, apart from the fact you get a whole night on Roissy Workshops kit before going off to another club. LP

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After party - Whackos Saturday 19th January#1

We have negotiated a reduced rate entry - 10 - for people going on to Whackos with us.

Mail me
for details, or see

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Re: After party - Whackos Saturday 19th January#3

Fair price I guess

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Re: London Communities Party and Workshop#2

Hmm, seems okay

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