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For a long time those of us lucky enough to cross the Atlantic to attend large Party's and Conventions in the BDSM world , have known that the skill levels and sharing we have here in the UK is behind that enjoyed in other countries noticeably America.

They have the luxury, especially in San Francisco, to see and learn from those who are recognised as skilled practioners, so much so that we all buy their books and/or audio/video tapes and try to understand what they do and in so doing improve our own skills.

A new company has been formed to bring the best of the best from where ever they are located (including the UK) to do workshops as well as demonstrations at the major fetish fairs.

Full details of the first visitors, who include Fetish Diva Midori, author of Sensual Art of Japanese Bondage, as well as being a top * educator*, Victor Tella, whip maker and handler who had a successful trip here in December, Molly Devon , author of Screw the Roses and also a well known speaker on BDSM topics, Laura Angeliou author of the Market Place Series of books and speaker on slave lifestyle. Robert Dante, the famed whip handler and others will announced soon.

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