Straight men, and gay sexReview: Event

This is a very taboo subject which results in many men feeling very confused and isolated. It's certainly not what you would discuss with your hetro-mates down the pub on a Saturday night. But because of the nature of what I do for a living I am very aware that in reality it's a lot more common than most straight men care to admit.

For most straight men it's something they think of while masturbating, or having sex. It remains a very private fantasy. Others will experiment, they will occasionally feel a real need to have physical contact with another man, or simply to touch another man and his cock. Some men are very disturbed by this tiny part of their sexuality and it becomes a very big issue for them. These men often become very loud, very homophobic. So the next time you hear some guy shouting about 'queers' and all that, don't be too harsh on him just smile and politely tell him you understand what his problem is.

We are told at adolescence that it's NORMAL to have fantasies about other blokes while wanking. Many of us will have played the jerk-off games with other young men while still at school. The teenage years are a time of great curiosity. We hang around in groups. The mates we would like to be similar to will appear more attractive, and at a time of life when everything is interesting and nearly everyone is horny, this emotion can manifest itself as a stiff cock. So if it's ok when we are teenagers, what's wrong with it when we are older.

Most men are fascinated by their cocks, that's something we all have in common both gay and str8. When showering after the gym or swimming, or even when having a piss in a public toilet we all have a little peep. Even though there may not be any desire for actual contact it's as if the mind has taken a photo of that 'erotic image' and can flash back to have another look at any time. We may wonder about what type of sex the owner of the 'image' enjoys. We may get sexually aroused thinking about him shagging his wife. That doesn't mean we want to have a gay relationship with him, even though just before you 'cumm' you think about putting his cock in your mouth. As I said earlier I am basically gay that doesn't stop me from having occassional sex with women. I am often complemented on my performances.My usual reply is, 'well, not bad for a queer'That makes women feel good about themselves. Even a gay man fancies them and is so aroused by them that they have just had a good seeing to. For similar reasons gay men often fantasisie about having a str8 man.(......why do you think I'm writing this...)

I was always of the assumption that every-one was bisexual. For me it's like 80% gay, but for some it might be 99%. If you think your 100% gay tell me this. If you had to make a choice of having sex with Madonna or Bernard Manning. Who would you choose? If you think your 100% straight . Why are you reading this? But anyway a choice for you. You can have Will Carling or Margaret Thatcher. Who would you choose? ....and if your not sure just do what makes you happy. Do not lie to yourself, or to those close to you. If you do it will damage you....... I once had a very old man come to see me. Just a few months short of his 90th. birthday. He was not going to see that day, he was very ill. He had seen a small 'ad' of mine in a local newspaper. He had gone through his life always desiring men but had never had the courage to do anything about it. After a while chatting about the war and stuff he looked at me and said, 'I've left it too late. Haven't I'..............I wanted to lie. But I couldn't......... The next day I went out and done something that I would not usually have had the courage to do................ It had a profound effect on me.

About 93% of men will have some kind of sexual experience with another male at some point in their life ? yet only 8% will adapt to a gay lifestyle. Our sexuality can be thought of as similar to our DNA. Totally individual to us.Totally individual for us to explore............and enjoy.

Are you enjoying yours?

By, Seb Moran. Tantric Dominant gay escort London.

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str8 guy / gay lifestyle#4

I read this article with great interest. I am a man who considers myself to be essetially 100% str8 but I have slept with lots of men and have recently been seeing a man in a full-blown relationship. When I say I am str8 I mean that I am not physically attracted to men at all. However I am 'sexually' attracted to men. I dumped my last girlfriend (I have usually had two relationships at once - with a man and a woman) because my male lover satisfied me more. I am openly 'bi-sexual' but no one understands if I tell them I'm str8 but sometimes prefer gay sex. For me being adventurous and having relaxed fun with sex is more important than someone's gender. I will look back here in a short while to see if anyone has identified with this.
Thanks for the article.

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Re: str8 guy / gay lifestyle#7

fucking queers, may u burn in hell.

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Re: Re: str8 guy / gay lifestyle#8

re comment #7.
We will probably burn with you then. Lets hope the devil had a big cock.
Seb Cox

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Re: str8 guy / gay lifestyle#14

Hi anonymous u and me resemble.I am not gay in the strictest sense of the meaning but I enjoy sex with both men and women. I have even had a relationship going on with a TV who is a man. Though whenever I finish fucking with a man a sense of great relief comes to me and I dont feel guilty even when I meet my wife. But when I fuck a woman I get so restless than my wife easily finds out.

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Re: Straight men, and gay sex#5

I am not gay and I am not sexually attracted to men. I love women, but I have a foot fetish. Especially with barefeet!!! This fetish works with both female and male, but I prefer male feet. Just to look at mens feet arouses me. Obviously, the notion that only gay men can be into anything associated with other men is NOT true. I read this somewhere else too. I like to take the foot and put it upon my cock and do 'pedal pumping'. I only look at pictures of feet now, because I don't hang with any gays, and don't care for anything but what I just mentioned. I did have one friend who was adventurous, and he let me do it. It was great!

Otherwise, I have no desire at all for men. Male nudity, or sex is unacceptable. In fact, it ruins the fetish. For anything else, I only like women.

I wonder if I am alone with this?

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Re: Re: Straight men, and gay sex#15

I love a jock foot pumping the cum out of my hardon! Any one in LA into using their feet on a masculine attractive jock get back to me.

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Re: Straight men, and gay sex#6

Im a gay man and have only had sexual relations with str8 men. Im not sure why. I know that some say that if you have sex with men then your not str8 but gay. Well I know a lot of str8 men that have sex with men on occasion. Emotionally they are attracted to women and dont want that kind of relationship with another man. Just the sex.Well recently the brother of my sisters husband came to visit over the Xmas holiday.Im 42 yrs old and he is 22. We have known each other for 6 yrs and have always been buddies. But this time he came to visit things changed between us and we had sex twice. Afterwards it was very confusing for me. Im not sure if I crossed a line that I should not have since he is so much younger than me and is family by marriage. We have talked about it and hes fine with everything. We are closer now as friends then we were before. But I still sort of feel guilty.

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