Netscape 4 fixes

I've been busy with the code that runs the website again - hopefully people who are using Netscape 4 should now see something vaguely resembling what the rest of us are looking at! :)

If you're using Netscape 4 and any areas of the site are still difficult to read or use, then please let me know and I'll try and tweak things a bit more. Remember to give me the exact version number of Netscape that you are using, as well as what operating system (with version). I tested with Netscape 4.77 on Linux (Red Hat 7.2), but it's quite possible that Netscape 4.5 on Windows 95 could look very different, if I remember my Netscape days correctly...

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Re: Netscape 4 fixes added#1

Looks different

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Re: Re: Netscape 4 fixes added#2

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