UK Fetish Info is in the Erotic Award

I just received an email about the Erotic Award this site was nominated for recently (see previous article). We got into the finals!! I don't know how many other sites are also in the finalists for this category, but I think I can justifiably be very excited now anyway :)

Once again, my thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site and helped it become what it is today - and if UK Fetish Info does win, you can be sure I'll be repeating that on stage when I collect our trophy.

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<<< Acceptance - London Communities - 28/09/2002

London Communities Munches >>>

Denny, thought I would just post my congratulations here on getting into the finals of The Erotic Oscar Awards. I know how much hard wrok you put into this site and how justifiably proud you are of it. It is a labour of love and it is so refreshing to visit a site that isn't full of adverts and pop-ups.
I wish you every success on the night of the finals, whatever the result, I am sure you will have a great evening there in November. I know we did when we picked up our award there last year.

Once again, many deserved congratulations.


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Congratulations to London Communities too#2

The London Communities munches have made it into the finals for the Erotic Award for Events, which is bloody impressive! Well done to all involved, and I look forward to meeting some of you at the Ball when we get to find out if we won or not...

It would be nice to find out what other fetish and BDSM scene people/groups are up for awards... there does seem to be more of a scene feel to them this year, rather than the more stripper/porn biased impression I got of them when I went to the Sex Maniacs Ball a few years back.


I'm one of the admins here on
Which doesn't make anything I say any more likely to make sense.

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Well done Denny#3

Excellent work .. I am only sorry that I hadnt visited the site for a little while and was thus too late to add my recommendation. I would love to see you win!

Oph :)

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Denny the site is marvelous and u deserve it , boy, lets hope u make it at the finals but even if u dont, the fact that u made it as a finalist is proof....:) Best of luck

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