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Last night I went along to the LFS Fringe Benefits party at The Fringe. I turned up late due to my usual terrible navigation skills, left early due to being bored and tired, and froze to death on the way home because someone had broken into my car by smashing the driver's window while I was in the club. Not the best night out I've had recently, it must be said...

The club was fairly quiet when I turned up (at 1am), although not deserted. The dancefloor never really took off while I was there, in fact it was so empty it got taken over by Alex from Cobra Whips for playing for a large part of the night. This seemed more popular than the music, which was not so much hard house as happy handbag. Alex's scenes gathered a fairly respectable crowd of onlookers and the odd round of applause.

Upstairs the equipment was mostly being used for Dommes to sit on while foot fetishists kissed their shiny boots, which is one of those definitively fetishy kind of things to see when you walk into a room :) There were also occasional spankings and floggings up there. A video was running on an overhead television, I didn't figure out what it was though - SM Pride march maybe? Just normal people in nice outfits wandering around in the streets mostly...

In the end the lack of music that I liked meant that I was falling asleep on one of the bench seats by 3am and so I left. To find that the charming locals had smashed my driver's window so that they could have a look around in my car. Highly intelligent locals obviously, as although they emptied the entire glovebox onto the passenger seat and opened the boot and looked inside the jump-leads box (??), they failed to notice the two bags full of clothes, shopping, and various other stuff which were behind the front seats. It's nice that I didn't actually have anything stolen, but I imagine the window is still going to cost a bit to fix...

On the whole, the venue looked promising. With a different DJ (and maybe an armed guard on my car) I'd be interested in going back sometime to see if I just picked a bad night to visit.

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Review on LondonFetishScene.com#1

It looks like the LFS crew managed to find plenty of ways to enjoy themselves, so maybe I was just having a bad day... their review is here.

My car window is going to cost me around 75 to get fixed, which is less than I was worried it might be, but still rather more than I have spare at the peak of the shiny-thing buying season...

I'm one of the admins here on ukfetish.info...
Which doesn't make anything I say any more likely to make sense.

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Re: Review on LondonFetishScene.com#2

I too have had my car broken into whilst at a fetish event.
Unlike you, i had met a fabulous woman who lured me to Dartford. I had the wind form the broken window ruffling my hair, and i didn't give a damn about the window.

She tied me to the bed and did terrible things to me with a carrott.

Sorry to rub it in. But I'm still with her after about 10 months, although the carrott has long since perished.

(Seriously though. Most fringe events are fairly quiet. I've been to about 5 or 6 different nights there. All run by different people. You need a certain number of people to create a vibe in a club. And somehow they can't seem to make it happen there. I've heard good things about Subway. But that was from an LFS review, and when i looked a little closer. I found it was written by the women who runs Subway. So don't take my word for it )

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Re: Re: Review on LondonFetishScene.com#4

I just read your comment, spojke, after I posted mine, I have to say that I have reviewed Subway at the LFS page and I m not one of the women who runs it......is a very nice club to attend if u are a player :) see u there sometime,and yes, u are rite about The Fringe, but, get info bout the stories around the club, u ll understand a bit more of why is so difficult to get ppl to go there, but I m sure that is now a thing of the past,I sincerely hope The Fringe will develop nicely in 2003 as I love the venue :))

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Re: Review on LondonFetishScene.com#7

Oh no sorry to hear that

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Re: LFS Fringe Benefits party#3

Coz of sad personal reasons I couldnt go that nite(ohh boy I really wanted to be there),but as far as I know most of the ppl attending and the amazing ladies who organised the event, I feel obliged to make a comment.
Apparently(I repeat, I m talking thru info I got from my friends) the place filled up at 2 am, and a good time was had by a large number of ppl.As a bloody foreigner and also being an old woman (lol) I know nooooothing bout the music in fet clubs,my music is the sound of the whips, the subbies moaning and me singing to drive them mad, but, Denny boy, I know u, and u are soooooooo demanding about music LOL, maybe u should get into playing in the clubs ...u had a very interesting gerl with u that nite ..hehehehehhe. But anyway this is just me being sily here as I wasnt there I cant comment.One thing I know is: Denny's car wasnt the only one broken into,there were , in fact, 27 cars done that nite,so I m here wondering: I have been to a lot of events runed at The Fringe,Subway mainly but many more, including Censored(which I loved) and was always a bit edgy about leaving my car in the side street,is very dark and suspicious ppl walk round there, but nothing ever happened to my car,this makes me think: Is someone out there trying to scare ppl off parking to go to The Fringe? or is it just that the Met isnt where they have to be?.........

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Re: Re: LFS Fringe Benefits party#5

Getting your car broken into is just one of those things. I've been to TG over 20 times. The fringe about 8, and only once had my car broken into. Brixton and Vauxhall are just rough areas. It's the law of averages i guess.

I am going to give the fringe one last chance. I'm going to try Subway. I've never been to that night. But I've been going there for 2 and a half years now. And i've never had a good night there. I am open minded and will give it one last try.

Cheers, Merry mince pie eating to you all


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Re: LFS Fringe Benefits party#6


The party wasn't actually an LFS event - was organised by Mistress Feral with a cut of the door money, plus a raffle and stuff coming to us.

It's true it was mostly a players sort of night - I never even went down to the dance floor myself, but people there seemed to be having fun.

There were quite a few reviews of the night on LFS in the end -

the one mentioned by Denny was actually by captain Zip who isn't LFSCrew.

There is another here by Aylith: http://londonfetishscene.com/newsdesk/ViewArticle.asp?ArticleID=1132

and one by Tiamanda, crew member: http://londonfetishscene.com/newsdesk/ViewArticle.asp?ArticleID=1127


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