New to the fetish scene in the NorthRequest

I'm not new to 'things fetish' but I am new to wanting to go to a fetish ball - Can anyone advise of forthcoming fetish balls in the North of England ?

Cheers PVCBoy

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Re: New to the fetish scene in the North#1

Sorry! seems this fetish thing is predominately
a Southern thing,
the problem 'oop North' is all the 'nancy boy bashing'
and history of the cruelty to child labourers in Mills
and factories.(Where it began)
Im afraid too much beer and drunken macho behaviour
and girl ogling doesnt fit into the Southern Fetish Scene.

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No fetish in the North?#2

Not according to the current poll about where people live... that shows a fair chunk of this site's readership is lurking 'up north' - about one-fifth of us, in fact.

Being stuck in the Midlands myself, I'm not too sure of northern clubs... Lash in Manchester is the only name that springs to mind.

I'm one of the admins here on
Which doesn't make anything I say any more likely to make sense.

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Re: No fetish in the North?#3

There will be a TG club in Manchester on the 21st March at Legends nightclub on Whitworth St. This coincides with Erotica Manchester where TG are doing the stage shows.

Tickets to TG Manchester are available from the TG office on 020 7613 4733 or from Vintage To Fetish, Clone Zone or Helen Berlin in Manchester.

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Re: Re: No fetish in the North?#5

Theres Lash - see second sat of each month in manchester. Also satin and steel on third sat in manchester and lifestyles on the first. See Informed Consent for those two weblinks as i cant remember them!

Theres a fetish nite at dv8 at la chambre the third thursday of each month in sheffield. for details.

Thats about all i can add.


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No fetish in the North?#7

Manchester Fetish launches 29th May 2004 at The Club on Rochdale Road.


For more info

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Re: Re: New to the fetish scene in the North#8

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Re: Re: Re: New to the fetish scene in the North#9

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Re: New to the fetish scene in the North#4

There is Tension in Newcastle. It isnt exactly huge, but happens on the 1st Saturday of the month and has quite a regular following. its fun, and the only event like it up here so we cant really complain.

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Re: Re: New to the fetish scene in the North#6

If by North, you mean North of England, rather than North of UK (I'm being a pedant, I know) then the names given do constitute pretty much all that is available. If you want to include Scotland in 'The North' then you also have Violate in Glasgow who have been around for years, Nightshade in Edinburgh has just had it's eighth night, running monthly clubs, and Mystyx in Glasgow is about to have it's third night tonight. (Saturday 26th April) The last two are play clubs, without loud dance music or indeed a dance area at all.

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