Watford Munch will go ahead despite local pressNews

Although we have had a little expose in the local press, we are still going ahead with our munch on February 18th. The Watford Observer has decided to make us front page news with a very tenuous link to valentines day. Although the article was light hearted and not negative in any way, we will be keeping a tighter reign on the door.

We won't be using any ridiculous codes or signs, but please don't be offended if we ask you where you saw the munch advertised.

We're hoping this is where press interest will cease. Well, fingers crossed.

We hope to see you all again on Tuesday.

Stephen and evie

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Re: Watford Munch will go ahead despite local pres#1

Yeah you cant trust U.K. local newspapers,they are hand in hand
with the local police and just want sensation to sell.
Like Martin Bashir & Michael Jackson.
You'd think it was the Klu Klux Klan meeting.!

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Re: Watford Munch will go ahead despite local pres#2

lol, the local press are always after stories like this, and they always look for sensationalism. but it does backfire lol.

like the man who did an 'expose' on a swingers meet, he said he was offered sex but declined, then they revealed a video of him diving right into the action.

they're all the same, just after cheap stories and cheap thrills.

i hope the day will come when they stop reporting on things that they have no knowledge of.

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