London Fetish Scene Clubbing Munch 5th April 2003News

LFS thought, wouldn't it be nice to bring some of our readers and contributors together to meet the crew and each other. After weeks of deliberation, furious flurries of emails, meetings held and venues sought, a munch was born.

This was to be no ordinary munch.. oh no .. for it is to be organised and hosted by the London Fetish Scene crew, with the munch queen to be no less that JungleBlackWidow herself, resplendent from her tour of the national health service wards.

So for those of you who enjoy clubbing, who like to indulge in dressing up and want to be part of this fabulous London scene, or if you want an introduction to all that is fun and fetish, join us on Saturday 5th April at the ST, Warren Street, W1. There is no dress code for this event, but some of us will be dressed to impress .. take your lead from us.

For those people who do attend, Club Rub's Kim will be on hand to offer a discount ticket to her event the following Saturday.

We look forward to welcoming you from 6.30pm on Saturday 5th April. ST is located on Warren Street London W1, with free parking outside from 6.30pm. For those of you who prefer public transport, Warren Street and Great Portland Street are but minutes away. And of course, pub prices apply.

Note from JBW: We'll be handing out name tags for those who would like to be recognised or even as a better way to be approachable, so if you have a nick name on the message board for example, others can identify you, so for those who don't have a nick and would like one...time to start thinking .We ll be also using fluorescent thingies at Rub so you know who was at the munch and can say hi.. Of course the LFS crew will be there to answer any questions you have, so, don't be shy boys n gerls, see you there ;)

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Re: London Fetish Scene Clubbing Munch 5th April 2#1

Can I come to the munch even if I can't make the club?

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Re: Re: London Fetish Scene Clubbing Munch 5th Apr#2

Of course you can :)
Ther is no obligation to attend Rub the week after,but the whole thing started because I had so many people e mailing me thru LFS to take them out clubbing.
As there is already a London Munch, the point here is :even if you dont come to Rub the week after, if you feel that LFS is your thing, if you like the site,if you think you ll make friends with our kind of people, you ll have a hell of a night.

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