Club Mystyx: Glasgow club reviewReview: Event

Club Mystyx is a new play club in Glasgow, having opened for the first time in Feb 2003. It was described to me as small and friendly, with a door limit of only 60 people, so I expected something more cozy than the other clubs I've attended in Scotland. My first, and only, visit to date was in April and this review is based on that one attendance only.

The club takes place in the basement of Blackfriars Bar, in central Glasgow. It's easy to find and get to for those from other areas, being near public transport and with easy parking nearby. After walking down a flight of stairs from the pub doorway (you don't have to enter the upstairs bar at all), you'll find yourself talking to the door staff and faced with a large bowl of free chocolates. The door staff are friendly, and warm - but quick to send away those who clearly didn't know what was going on. It is rather easy to wander in off the street though, so strict door policy will need to be maintained to keep the club trouble-free. I didn't see anyone obviously very new arrive, so didn't have the chance to see how supportive Mystyx is towards completely new attendees.

You'll then find yourself in a warm, friendly, intimate basement with more free chocolates on the tables. Perhaps a little too warm and intimate when full - the basement can get very hot and crowded at times. The warmth can be pleasant when somewhat underdressed in the play area, however.

The club is all in one room, an L-shaped bar with plenty of space to sit, drink and chat, and a play area on what appears to usually be a dancefloor. This area is open to the main bar, but also tucks around a corner, so is suitable for both those who like to be watched, and those who like semi-privacy. The equipment is rented from Nightshade, so is of the same high quality - but as the play area is small, there are only a few pieces of equipment, and very little space in-between. You won't have to worry about the backswing from someone using another piece of equipment, but someone using some floor space for rope bondage or similar can find it hard to find a safe place to stand. It can also be hard to find somewhere to sit down after leaving the play area, as the bar gets very crowded.

The crowd is friendly, and generally welcoming of new faces, but regular club goers probably won't meet anyone they wouldnt see at Nightshade or Violate. There are lots of staff, who mostly seem to be younger than you might expect to be running a club, but who also seem to have everything very smoothly under control. The only complaint I heard was that the ladies toilets were in a bit of a mess.

Dont go expecting a big club with lots of equipment and space. thats not Mystyx - but you can expect a warm close intimate gathering. And did I mention free chocolate?

Club Mystyx: next event is on 24th May - advisable to book in advance - with a limit of only 60, Mystyx does sell out early. For more info see the Club Mystyx homepage, or the Glasgow BDSM Socialites group.

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Re: Club Mystyx: Glasgow club review#1

Well, first of all, we are not based at the Blackfriars bar anymore, simply because it was far too small for our club. Second, we have our own equipment now, and I bet you'll LOVE it! Third, the club staff are: Myself (House Mistress)and my pet door_mouse, CelticLo (House Master), sub-rella (door staff) and of course little dove and tomcat (the organisers). I don't think we are THAT many and I'm afraid we are THAT young either!

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Re: Re: Club Mystyx: Glasgow club review#2

actually we are still at Blackfriars, no decision has been made to move yet.

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Re: Re: Club Mystyx: Glasgow club review#3

sorry, this should make more sense now, club mystyx IS still at blackfriars and wont be moving till the new year at the earliest, thank you.

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Re: Re: Re: Club Mystyx: Glasgow club review#4

is there an age limit?
I am 18.

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Re: Re: Re: Club Mystyx: Glasgow club review#5

Tis a bit disconcerting the house staff don't know where the club is held.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Club Mystyx: Glasgow club review#6

you clearly haven't met some of them then.

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Club Mystyx: Glasgow club review update#7

hi, dove here, co founder of Club Mystyx (so yes, i know where its at). we have since left Blackfriars venue and moved to the big, clean, new and spacious upstairs at the Hogshead on North Frederick Street.

Hopefully this move will solve all the problems we had at Blackfriars. The play ara is much larger and we now have 7 pieces of kit, and so much more room to move around in. The bar is long and sort of shielded from the play area by a quirk of the layout. This caters for the shyer sceners, but there are also points where you can be viewed. there is lots of seating at the new place (for about 90 i think) and the venue itself would hold about 140 people comfortably and allowing for kit.

There is an area for tables down the end, and seats along the bar. There are also normally stalls selling goods just by the entrance. It is a private entrance, up some concrete steps just to the left of the outside pub entrance, and we have large speperate toilets with plenty of room to change.

We have more staff now, and there is also a buffet served up for the peckish ones. Rest assured, we still have the chocolates too. The next night is 13th december, any enquiries call 07919 860 353 and ask away!

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