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Some of you still may not be aware that PayPal recently made changes to their 'Acceptable Use' policy to exclude the sale of products or services that they consider to be of an adult nature, and they're freezing accounts as they find them. PayPal has informed me that they are intent on getting away from anything adult related and will be changing their policies again in the near future to expand their definition of unacceptable transactions.

I tried Nochex in the UK but wasn't impressed by their clumsy system. Their upper limit for taking money is 50 unless you have an account with them which takes up to a week to set up, putting off those 'spontaneous' memberships etc., If, like me, you've been using PayPal up until now then I strongly advise all of you to clear out your account, open up a StormPay account and be prepared for the possibility that PayPal may refuse to do business with all adult service providers in the relatively near future.


Hope this is helpful,

Mistress Chloe of London

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