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Violate has, in it's day, been a somewhat contentious club in Glasgow. One of the Scottish BDSM mailing lists lists it as an 'unsafe club', and indeed the first times I heard it mentioned, it was amid critisism. But after I attended their wonderful Edinburgh special event, I decided to check it out for myself. I attended Violate in Glasgow twice, in January and June 2003, and this review is based on those two visits.

Violate is held in the Big Joint in Glasgow. To someone not local, it does at first seem well out of the centre, and hard to find - but a few moments spent with a map and it's not hard to find by car, at all. Given the small number of cars outside, it would seem that locals find it accessile by public transport too. The Big Joint seems to be in an industrial area, which can seem a little offputting at first, but it does mean there is no-one watching to see you walk from your car to the venue in fetish clothing.

The door staff are great - new attendees are asked if they need to be shown around, and told where everything is. As Violate is in four rooms on two levels, it can help to know where you want to go first. It has a much more easy-going dress code than other clubs I've been too - officially it's 'fetish or black clothing', but you will find the odd person in normal street clothing inside.

Inside, you'll find a four main areas: a small dance-floor, a chill-out room which has comfortable chairs and sometimes stalls selling fetish items, a bar, and a play area. Each of these seems to attract like-minded but ever-changing crowds, as people move from one space to another as moods change. The dance floor seems to start quiet, a few people hanging round the edges of a dark smokey room, but as the night progresses, becomes busier and more active.. or maybe the music just got better. The chill-out room is a great place to chat, being quieter than the bar.

The play area is probably the largest room. Quietish music is playing, along with an ever-changing SM and fetish slide-show projected onto the wall. The equipment is good, and varied, although some pieces do seem to wobble a little, and they don't inspire the same level of solid confidence as equipment at other clubs. The atmosphere on our most recent visit was quite wonderful - a very warm, accepting group around the play area; watching rather than staring, appreciating, learning.. not ogling.

This same warm, friendly atmosphere seemed to spread to the rest of the club. Dispite the bad press they'd had in the past, Violate seemed like a safe, friendly place to be. If there were problems, the staff were only too happy to have it brought to their attention, and they acted immediately. Matt and Tigg particularly are approachable, friendly and helpful.

If there is one complaint you can make about Violate, it's that it can be too friendly and welcoming. The easy-going dress-code, and low-key approach of staff in a multi-room venue means that non-scene types can drift in, and if there was to be trouble, it would be down to those attending to alert staff.

But I loved it. I loved the mood, the atmosphere, the people. I loved the music on the dancefloor at the end of the night. I loved the free curry. I loved the Red Moon stall, and the wonderful electrical toys. I loved the warm weather, and the cool air blowing in through open doors.

If someone new to the scene was to ask me, 'Should I go to Violate', I'd say 'Play safe, ask staff if you have any concerns, but yes.. go. You'll love it.'

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Re: Violate: Glasgow club review#1

hi, would love to know what toys and equipment was in the play room

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Re: Re: Violate: Glasgow club review#2


We have built up quite a bit of kit that we rotate, i.e. different kit for each club.

TBH I don't know if I can remember all the kit but here goes.
Double Saint Andrews X - takes 4 people
Single Saint Andrews X
Double A Frame - takes 2 people
Single A Frame (not used much now)
Block/Bondage Bed - very heavy
Whipping post wooden
Whipping post metal
a variety of whipping benches (I think about 6)
Slave Mate (metal kit that can be a variety of things)
3 sets of Stocks
The rack
A wooden bondage base (don't think it has a name as it was made for us).
A variety of spanking horses.

We have bought our kit from a variety of suppliers including Roissy and Alex Jacobs of Cobra Whips.
We also have new kit on order and over the last year a lot of our new kit has been custom built.

As far as toys are concerned, people tend to bring their own although we bring a few bits and pieces that are regularly cleaned though out the clubs.

I don't claim this to be a comprehensive list but hopefully it gives you a good idea of what's available.


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Re: Re: Re: Violate: Glasgow club review#4

thanks mat Sounds really good, Im 24 and gay and love bondage and thngs like that. My fav is being put into a sling blindfolded and teid in, and abused by anyone and by as many

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Re: Re: Re: Violate: Glasgow club review#8

This sounds like a great place - honestly - I'm not blowing smoke up your arse! I'm a complete novice, been very interested in femdom since i was around 15 (26 now) but only ever had the bottle to look at pics & vids on-line!! Sad eh!!

However, your club sounds like a great place to gently test the water? I'll not tell fibs, I'm engaged but my fiancia (sorry for spelling!) although she tries will never fully understand my femdom fantasy(s)! And (I know this may sound strange) I love her so much and never want to lose her!

However, you only live once and these fantasy's are such a constant desire in me that (although I'm scared!) I so desperately want to experiance them!

Is your club a good place to start?

Sorry to be a plonker but if you reply to my e-mail please be descrete (again sorry for spelling - been on the dutch juice.. u know what i'm on about!) my good lady looks through my mail-box regular... we only have one e-mail ad for both of us!!.... I'm heading for trouble I know!!

Yours, a very curious keen lad (well 26 - almost still a lad!!!!!)


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Re: Violate: Glasgow club review#3

The reason the guy who runs that list calls Violate 'unsafe' has nothing to do with its safety, but is just because of his petty personal history with the organisers. He also once 'banned' me from his list, without ever having met me or known anything about me, except that I appeared on another list in association with other people he held a grudge against for different reasons. (This was of course really stupid as I just joined under a different name/email.) So this is just to say, don't believe everything he says... my feeling is that more often than not his 'views' are just highly personal antagonisms and are really inaccurate, and I resent his abusing his position of influence. (And BTW, I've no connection with Violate, or any other club.)

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Re: Re: Violate: Glasgow club review#5

i just want to know if i go to the club on my own wil i be safe, i love to take popes and be abused. Tied into a sling and blind folded and toys used on my arse. Also on other things too.
im only 24 dont want aids so i need to know the safty of the club

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Re: Re: Re: Violate: Glasgow club review#6

You'd be safe but I don't think we are the right club for you.

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Re: Re: Violate: Glasgow club review#7

His name is John Vassallo, this is his idea of a 'safe' club.

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Re: Re: Re: Violate: Glasgow club review#9

Actually, as I understand it, JV runs, which is a regular contributor to ScotSMFetish - but I don't think he is a moderator. Those who run ScotSMFetish are also involved in running Gotham, though, yes.

My perspective is that I review clubs as I see them - I try to give an impression of what it would like to be there, on the night that I review them. I don't think I have any bias - I'm not a friend of anyone running a club, nor is there anyone running a club I personally dislike..

So, I'll just keep calling it as I see it.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Violate: Glasgow club review#10

Sorry, apparantly I have my John's mixed up.. :)

Anyway, I'll still just call it as I see it.

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Re: Violate: Glasgow club review#11

Just a note to say that the dress code has changed since this article was written. Please check out

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