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PRESS RELEASE: Having recently celebrated its 5th anniversary, Wicked Talent is the longest living, and most successful alternative modeling management firm. Now that they have branched out into the United Kingdom, it is a success story in the making with daily additions to the database of beautiful models

Wicked Talent is headed by fetish and gothic model sensations Sadie
Cakes, and Lavyrnia, while being owned by Donna Ricci, the Gothic

The talent agency features the best in Goth, Glam, Punk, Pin-up,
Pierced, Fetish, Futuristic and Tattooed talent. Models have appeared in
catalogs such as Lip Service, Heavy Red, Drac In A Box, Stormy Leather
and on the covers of the magazines Gothic Beauty, Bite Me Magazine, and
Flick. Wicked Talent actors have been in videos by Marilyn Manson, Rob
Zombie, Three Doors Down, Staind and George Michael and in the films
Charlie's Angels II, Queen of the Damned, Spiderman and Van Helsing

It is easy to see why Wicked Talent has grown to be such a popular

Gothic Beauty magazine, now distributed worldwide and with a readership
of over 10,000, has approached Wicked Talent about its growth and
accomplishments, about doing a feature on the already famous U.S.
company. We are currently looking for an amazing group photographer who
will shoot our SIN BURLESQUE troop of models for this article.

SIN BURLESQUE blends the best in fetish fashion with the appeal of 40's
cabaret dance troops in a splendid display of lip-biting erotic art.
Principle photography needs to begin in just a few weeks with the final
art being displayed in Gothic Beauty #12.

Wicked Talent has recently been featured in Skin Two magazine and the
Los Angeles Times.

We are also looking for bleeding edge clothing designers interested in
having their outfits showcased in the article, and on more upcoming
Wicked Talent shoots.

Interested parties should contact>

Wicked Talent
OFFICE (818) 601-4862

US Division

UK Division:

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