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My hubby and I are looking at going to the Westward Bound Latex Ball in November in Plymouth. Is anyone else going? I'm very new to all this, my hubby has been into it longer than me but has never been to a fetish event either. Can anyone let me know what it is like, what music is played and things like that? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Westward Bound#1

Myslef and hubby are goin to thjis party, our first one.
I have been into it a little longeer than hubby, but still prety new too. if ican help at all email me trewithy@aol.com

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Re: Re: Westward Bound#8

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Re: Westward Bound#2

My hubs and I are looking for a good party, we are 1sr timers aswell! Where did you get details/ticket info from!

Looking on the net is mind boggling!


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Re: Re: Westward Bound#3

hi go to www.westwardbound.co.uk , let me know if you are going maybe we could meet up

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Re: Westward Bound#4

I shall be there with my slave as we are down staying in the area for that week. I haven't been ebfore so i can't tell you what sort of part it will be.

As I understand it tickets have sold out now.

- Chris

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Re: Westward Bound#5

I have been for tickets but they have all sold out, my wife and i are now going to another party in plymouth. Its on the 14th Nov its a little bit smaller but very exclisive. Sounds good. You have to call subcultural on (01752)317354 to book a ticket. Would hurry as i think this type of event sells really fast. Hope this helps.

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