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Well, I found the fetish fair at The Drome last month (many thanks to all those who advised me where it was - London Bridge Tube is closest). I hadn't been since the summer and so was looking forward to seeing how things were now.

Let me say for a start that I liked the venue - the seedy tunnel one goes down to approach it is just so appropriate - and inside it's big and moderately atmospheric, also a fascinating building. There's room to breathe, and browse at leisure without being jostled, which is a marked improvement on the previous situation, also it's much less hot. The overall feel was cool, friendly and relaxed.

As to the goods on display, a mixture. There was a good number of stalls and all the usual suspects had turned up. There were many fine things and interesting products, but also a worrying amount of poor quality tat at high prices, some of which wouldn't be out of place in a Soho sex shop or Anne Summers. Caveat emptor, I suppose, but would find it sad if the market was allowed to sink to that level.

The bar was pretty lousy, though the staff were nice, which one could never say about Smithy's. I missed their excellent wine list though.

I'd give it 8 or 9 out of 10.


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