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Ball-gags seem to be one of those things you either love or hate. I love them. There's just something about the look of a woman with her mouth held in a nice O shape ... :-)

The problem with most ball-gags is that they are made of hard rubber and very quickly become uncomfortable. At the opposite extreme, I've seen one on a Fetish Fair stall which was so squishy as to be pointless - the wearer could completely flatten it with their teeth! The medicaltoys ball-gag is in between: it is effective and yet comfortable enough to be worn for reasonable periods of time.

The ball itself has a soft-feeling squishy surface which compresses progressively: very easily for about half a centimetre, then harder until it feels just like the solid ones. The wearer can thus relieve the pressure on their jaw by biting down on it, but never enough to lose shape, and never too much, and it expands back to full size as soon as they relax their bite.

The strap is soft-ish leather and - unlike many gags - has a huge number of holes for the buckle, making it adjustable even for someone with a petite face.

At $24.95, I consider it one of my best-value toys. It can be found at:
and is shown with the product-code RBG.

Delivery to the UK took around one week, and it came with a handwritten 'Thank you for your order' note which I thought was a nice touch.


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I also find some of the gags a bit hard on the mouth as they are too big. We enjoy the steel look of medical gags and finally bought a spider gag with retaining strap from It fits nicely and stays in place.

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