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After reading various comments posted around various sites and boards, it seems that there have been some mixed reviews from people over the last year since the new ownership of Ceasars Nightclub. I have to agree that some of the nights have indeed been very good, whereas others have been less than sucessfull. This I suppose, has been partly to do with the fact that, over the past year, we have been trying to strike up the right balance between the swingers and the fetish side of things, with some nights attempting a mixture of both.

We have been taking a lot of comments on board and have been constantly revising our events. For example, saturday nights are now dedicated to couples only swingers, with very few selected, if any at all, single men admitted. we have felt that a lot of couples simply want to be in a couples only environment, without the hassle that some (not all) single males can create. This will hopefully create a much more welcoming atmosphere for couples and i encourage couples who have perhaps been dissapointed in the past, to come back for a saturday sometime to notice the improvements.

The fetish side of things will still continue on a friday as usual, and we will be making certain nights a lot more play orientated, IE. no talking, just playing! as well as introducing a night called Sub-terrain, for submissive and ONLY submissive men (well, there may be a few Dom girls just for fun ;) . Rapture is still our most popular event but we hope to start seeing those same people turning up on a few of the other fridays where there is more opportunity for private play - revelations for example).

With regards to the various themes that have been attempted over the past year, it has always been a problem because a vast majority of people were simply not aware, and this perhaps spoiled it for those that were and who did make the effort. From now on, there will be no need to worry about what the theme is as this will not be a regular thing. there may be the occasional one, ie xmas or summer, but this will be well advertised so that everyone is prepared.

Anyway, the new Ceasars website has also just been completed. http://www.ceasarsnightclub.com . It will be more up to date than the last and includes a discussion and notice board on which everyone is welcome to chat. if anyone has any questions regarding ceasars, please feel free to email me on info@ceasarsnightclub.com. or post a message on our board.

thanks for your time.


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Re: Ceasars Nightclub#1

Visited Ceasars last friday night and had a fantastic evening! It's the first time that my husband and I had ever been to a fetish club and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

The atmotphere was relaxed and there was no pressure to get involved in anything we didn't want to. The staff were all very friendly and made us feel welcome straight away.

we are both very much looking forward to our next visit. thankyou!!

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Re: Ceasars Nightclub#2

I have been going to ceasars BDSM nights for well over a year now and in the main have enjoyed myself. It has been interesting to see the changes with the new ownership and they have been mainly good ones - mainly the atmosphere bieng more welcoming and relaxing. Last summer's Sunday BBQ's were a brilliant idea. I enjoy Velvet eden and Revelations which are quieter nights and the more busy hot n sweaty Rapture. Each night has its own flavour which is good and in the main the club is full of players not vanilla tourists and swingers.
The only negative thing I see is that the bar prices are extortionate - I used to buy drinks from the bar but now manage on one drink as you need to take out a mortgage to buy a round. Its a shame because it really is the only shit thing about going to this venue for a night out.
I am not sure about having a NO TALKING just PLAYING night. For me as a BDSM player not just an SM player I use D/s which requires by its nature communication - unless we suddenly develop BDSM sign language I dont see how this will work. Also who has ever heard of going to a venue where people dont socialise either end of the scene - it just seems ridiculous. I understand that sometimes the conversations can be distracting at ceasars if you are close to the seating areas and the lack of deliniation between play areas and seating areas is a problem but there are better ways of dealing with it.
I think a much better idea would be to screen the seating area off completley from the play area on some nights thus creating a kind of dungeon space.

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