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Come one and all, bearing yule tide greetings, and we'll beat you to death with a chocolate log. This year we will not be celebrating this 'shiny commercial feast' they call Christmas. This year we shall be 'Tacky and cheap!' We shall hang Santa, have pizza instead of mince pies, lager instead of 'Mulled wine!' and binge on Rudolph sandwiches. Santa will have a full sack as usual(He doesn't get out much) but instead of expensive vanilla tat, it will be filled with 1 fetish goodies. So instead of a cold winters evening with the TV, you can warm your partners 'Rump steak!' with a prezzie from the 1 shop!

If you want to participate in 'Santa's sack' please go to your local 'Pound' shop and buy a prezzie that has a BDSM purpose. Wrap it in the cheapest, nastiest wrapping paper you can find, and we'll pop it in santa's sack. At the end of the night Evie and i will buy the person with the cheapest nastiest wrapping paper a double vodka. All presents must be under a pound. REMEMBER! CHEAP AND NASTY! There will be no x-mas cards at this event. Don't kill trees. KILL SANTA!
Tuesday December 16th @7.30pm
Load of Hay, 207 Pinner Road, Oxhey village, Watford WD19 4ET.

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