Kink in the Caribbean?Request

How do. Just wondering if anyone here has been to the Kink in the Caribbean holiday. If you have can you give us some info on what was there and what to expect. Any other information you have would be greatfully recieved. Thanks


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Re: Kink in the Caribbean!!!#1

We went in 2001 & 2002, missed last year but probably will go again this year. If you want a week of total relaxation, wearing what you want when you want, playing in the dungeon if that's your scene, or just dressing up and socialising with other fetishy people, we'd both recommend it. We did the 'pack nothing but latex and high heels' trip, but everyone to their own. Hedo III is basically a swingers resort, and it's extremely broadminded in every respect, so, although the 'Kink' crowd don't fill the resort, others there are actually quite fascinated by the group, and whatever your level of kink, I don't think you'd ever feel out of place. For example, wearing latex all day, or in pony outfit, or tied to a tree, or going down the waterslide in latex bodybags, or floating in the pool in an inflatable bodybag and gasmask.... just seems so 'normal'....we've never been to any other event like it. So, that's why this year will probably be our 3rd. There's quite a few organised events, which generally are good fun; also some workshop tutorials which are great if it's something you wanted to know about 'but were too scared to ask'. We've made some good friends there - although there aren't usually that many people from Europe. Downsides - it will probably rain (perhaps rain a lot) - but when did you come back from a 'resort holiday' and tell all your vanilla work colleagues about how much you enjoyed it - even though it rained.....?

If anyone is thinking about going, or has already booked, please get in touch privately by email to

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Re: Re: Kink in the Caribbean!!!#2

i have never been but it looks great! any rich sugardaddies out there who want to take me there?!

bye for now...

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