Paris Fetish ClubReview: Event

My partner and I attended a lovely fetish party in Paris recently - I thought I'd post a little review. The party was on Sunday 27th January - a special event was being held to celebrate someones birthday - coincidentally it coincided with my own birthday :)

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Wesley Crusher does BDSMNews

Okay, so I'm exaggerating a little for effect... but basically, the guy who played Wesley Crusher in Star Trek TNG is doing a movie at the moment where he gets tied up by a pro domme at one stage... the details can be read in his own words in his weblog, and I'll include the relevant excerpt below...

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The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage, by MidoriReview: Book

A small group of us spent a quiet evening in (hiding from atrocious weather) and the talk turned to bondage. Having in my possession a copy of 'The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage', we decided to have a go. All the people concerned had never attempted any Japanese Bondage before, so we were all rather nervous and all finger and thumbs.

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Arson attack at Le CageNews

I am sad to announce that Le Cage in Manchester has suffered an arson attack on Sunday 3rd February.

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Straight men, and gay sexReview: Event

This is a very taboo subject which results in many men feeling very confused and isolated. It's certainly not what you would discuss with your hetro-mates down the pub on a Saturday night. But because of the nature of what I do for a living I am very aware that in reality it's a lot more common than most straight men care to admit.

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Kinky ValentinesNews

Fed up with opening your newspaper on February 14th to see page after page of vomit-inducing declarations of vanilla love? Wish to see a few more thorns amongst the roses? Chains amongst the cherubs?

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Ashford (Kent) MunchNews

A munch for those of us in Kent and the surrounding area. We are meeting Saturday 16th March from 2pm onwards in a local pub in Ashford town centre, 5-10 minutes walk from Ashford Internation station. We hope for a friendly, relaxed but fun munch where we can get to meet in real life (we use a lot!) and renew/make new friends. Food is available. Please visit the website ( for more details, especially nearer the time!

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Absolutely AlternativeReview: Event

Last night was the second event organised by TnT promotions - a couple who decided to organise a fetish night in Dunstable last year after their favourite local event (Absolution) closed down for lack of a venue. They listened to their customers after the first event and made a lot of improvements, large and small, to the second event, and I had an excellent time!

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Invasion 1st Ever Couples Only Fetish NightNews

First event to be held on 8th Feb and if well supported to become monthly on 2nd Friday in each month, 9pm - 3am, South Wales. Large private venue which includes changing rooms and secure cloakroom. 5 Fully equipped playrooms, darkroom and dancefloor with soft drinks bar. BYO. Also chill-out lounge with buffet. Resident Mistress Amber in attendance each month. Erotic gallery. Open now new cellar dungeon with 2 more equipped rooms and dark room.

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BDSM Swap Shop - Great site!Review

When fed up with television repeats and turkey left overs at Christmas, we went for a look around on the Internet. We were really impressed when we stumbled on the BDSM swap shop through a link on this site.

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