Shoes in the news...News

I spotted an article today on the GMTV website, which includes the following fun facts about women and their shoes:

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Banana Shoes August SaleNews

Banana Shoes are having an August sale - you can find the reduced items here:

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New online lingerie shopRequest

Hi. I am the owner of a very new online lingerie shop. I have developed it to a point where now it needs fine tuning and made as user friendly as possible. I'm here to ask you your opinion. Please review and tell me what you think of it on here. All feedback is welcome, good and bad!

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UK plans to criminalise porn to be published soonNews

In the next ten days, the Home Office will announce the findings of its consultation on the possession of extreme pornography.

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Consensual Kink Launch Party - 1st JulyReview: Event

I left for the party with trepidation, unsure what or who i would find. Expectations i admit weren't high, as other previous events hadn't quite hit the mark in my book for whatever reason, mostly due to lack of advertising, the night chosen, the venue, petty council rules or the sheer lack of support from local deviants (you know who you are!)

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Oh Cum All Ye Faithful?News

Online sex toy retailer is advertising what could be the most unusual job ever. The company is searching for a sexually active couple who will be prepared to test a new pill designed to change the taste of semen.

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Kinkfest 3: July 28/29News

For its third outing, Kinkfest will be even bigger and better than before. It will now be spread over two days and will take up the whole of London's largest venue, SeOne. There will be even more opportunities to try out new things; from bondage to medical play, from how women can achieve female ejaculation to ageplay.

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Skin Two seek new editorNews

From here on the Skin Two website: Skin Two are looking for a new Editor. This is a part-time appointment, suitable for someone with mainstream publishing experience. They need a dynamic Editor, able to maintain and improve their reputation for intelligent, challenging and stylish content, relevant to the concerns of BDSM/fetish people worldwide. Can you source new contributors and take Skin Two forward? If this may be the job for you, please send your CV to their Publisher, Tim Woodward, at

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Gwendoline released on Region 2 DVD!News

Freely adapted from John Willie's celebrated erotic comic strip, which appeared in his bondage and fetish magazine 'Bizarre' during the late 1940s and early 1950s, and directed by acclaimed master of erotica Just Jaeckin (Lady Chatterley's Lover; The Story Of O; Emmanuelle), the much sought after fantastical comedy-adventure GWENDOLINE is without a doubt one of the greatest 'guilty pleasure' movies of all time. Now, this cult classic is finally coming to DVD, uncut for the first time in the UK and loaded with extra features.

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Knot - BDSM-themed dance showNews

'In the domination relationships we establish in Knot, it is both those who dominate and those who are dominated who share the power of conscience and assent. In Knot we deal with sex, body, mind, art, sensibility, knowledge and memory, and with showing human beings who intend to relate with depth to the world. The power is with the ones who ride this road with intelligence, freedom, emotion and pleasure. But ultimately it is art itself that has the power, because Knot is a dance show. It's the aesthetic result of the extraordinary possibilities for life, ethics and revolution we are talking about through the medium of dance.'

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