Thought Crimes AKA Violent Porn legislationOpinion/Rant

So today is 'blogging for Backlash' day*. Backlash are the campaigning organisation trying to inject some sanity into the debate about the proposed violent porn legislation. The proposed legislation is objectionable on three main grounds, as far as I can see...

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Casting for Viral for Latex clothingRequest

Therapy Films are currently in the process of casting for a 40 second Viral. The client is Rubber 55, a company that design custom made clothing. Please have a look at their website for more information.

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Hi everyone. We run a sexy boudoir lingerie and sex toy website and need some advice!! Our site has been going for about a year and we put alot of work in to it. We have had loads of great comments, and everyone seems to think the site is gorgeous, but we need more sales!! and wonder if we are doing something wrong? Our site is aimed at everyone who loves sex and sensuality, we sell lots of erotic lingerie, corsets, crystal skin wear, whips and crops, hand cuffs, sexy books and much more... any comments or constructive ways to drive more traffic to our site would be much appreciated!!! our site is called Thanks.

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Violet Blue’s Fetish Sex Breaks New GroundNews

Violet Blue, a wildly popular sex writer, podcaster, blogger, editor, and female porn expert, has just debuted her 13th book, Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples. This book is the first to directly address couples as it teaches them about fetish sex and how to introduce fetishes to a partner.

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Auctions are Back - and they are FREENews

A while ago i had the idea for a free auction site. One that was kink friendly. I like others had suffered the guillotine from e-bay, when my items were not considered 'suitable'.

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Shoes in the news...News

I spotted an article today on the GMTV website, which includes the following fun facts about women and their shoes:

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Banana Shoes August SaleNews

Banana Shoes are having an August sale - you can find the reduced items here:

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New online lingerie shopRequest

Hi. I am the owner of a very new online lingerie shop. I have developed it to a point where now it needs fine tuning and made as user friendly as possible. I'm here to ask you your opinion. Please review and tell me what you think of it on here. All feedback is welcome, good and bad!

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UK plans to criminalise porn to be published soonNews

In the next ten days, the Home Office will announce the findings of its consultation on the possession of extreme pornography.

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Consensual Kink Launch Party - 1st JulyReview: Event

I left for the party with trepidation, unsure what or who i would find. Expectations i admit weren't high, as other previous events hadn't quite hit the mark in my book for whatever reason, mostly due to lack of advertising, the night chosen, the venue, petty council rules or the sheer lack of support from local deviants (you know who you are!)

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