ripped offReview: Shop

hi all....i recently purchased a leather bondage cap on line from xfc uk....the cap didn't arrive,my money was taken,the web-site dissapeared......beware people.xxxx

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Great Disciplinarians Equipment manufacturerReview: Shop

I have been on the look out for some really good heavy duty whips tawses and floggers.Well I have found a great place to get them from. That is

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Rudevibrations fetish storeReview: Shop

Run by a couple who are into rubber, they offer only the stuff they'd wear themselves.

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Just found a new web siteReview: Shop

Hi All. Just had to let you know about a new site I came across, was looking for a new gas mask to replace my old but now battered one. So thought I would try ebay and came across a seller called dennisdugong, on further investigation find out they also had a web site called After having a good look went ahead and bought a British S6 Mask and must say it was a easy and trouble free transaction with the guys there being helpful to all my questions.

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Tease Me Please MeReview: Shop

I was recently checking the web to purchase a new spanking tool when I came across this fantastic site called Some of their items are awesome and if you sometimes like a decadent approach to naughty play they have some very goregous things. I just bought a Swarovski crysal crop and crystal studded leather paddle from them. I had to wait 2 weeks for them but, they are handmade to order. I am planning on buying one of their corset made by a new designer call Angels Carrying Savage Weapons, it's my 40th in a few months time so, I might just treat myself. Go and check the site out and swoon! Good customer contact and service too.

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Free Kink Auction SiteReview: Shop

After some time of posting items on the more well known commercial auction sites; i grew tired of the frustration of cancelled items. Given the reason that such items were unsuitable or broke the posting guidelines.

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XXX Fetish ClothingReview: Shop

I placed an order with this company which is Advertised from this site for a Domina Collar on the 22nd March 05 and my account was debited the next day. The order has now stood the 'processing' stage for 30 days and has not moved. They have not replied to my emails and I tried calling their number listed on the site and this is a dead number and automatically ends the call before it rings.

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A more natural kind of adult fun shopReview: Shop

Every year and in every industry more and more shop owners are adding organic and all-natural lines to their inventory due to a rising demand in healthy altenatives. Why then do we not see this tendency in adult products?

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taboobooReview: Shop - open with a little sound... nice to see a bit of decent design too. I ordered a couple of PVC outfits and boots for a sub... arrived quickly, beautifully wrapped and decent value.

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Bad experience with online shopReview: Shop

At the beginning of the year I made an order online with Feline Foreplay ( using my debit card. My bank account was debited and I received an automated receipt, which told me my goods had been sent a couple of days later. My goods never came. I tried to phone the number given on the website for telephone orders, only to discover it was not in use. Feline Foreplay did not reply to email or a letter from myself asking them to contact me about my order. Trading Standards were able to find a telephone number for the owner of the company, but she refused to discuss the matter with them or allow them to pass on her telephone number to me. She also apparently refused to discuss it with my bank's fraud department, who eventually took the money I had paid back out of her account and returned it to me.

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