Sorry for the quiet spell on the site lately, with no new articles being posted - unfortunately I got knocked off my motorbike last month and only got out of hospital a couple of hours ago. I'll be trying to catch up on various things over the next few days, including the backlog of articles waiting to be posted here, and an incredible amount of emails that I received while I was away!

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Bad experience with online shopReview: Shop

At the beginning of the year I made an order online with Feline Foreplay (www.felineforeplay.com) using my debit card. My bank account was debited and I received an automated receipt, which told me my goods had been sent a couple of days later. My goods never came. I tried to phone the number given on the website for telephone orders, only to discover it was not in use. Feline Foreplay did not reply to email or a letter from myself asking them to contact me about my order. Trading Standards were able to find a telephone number for the owner of the company, but she refused to discuss the matter with them or allow them to pass on her telephone number to me. She also apparently refused to discuss it with my bank's fraud department, who eventually took the money I had paid back out of her account and returned it to me.

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Club Mystyx: Glasgow club reviewReview: Event

Club Mystyx is a new play club in Glasgow, having opened for the first time in Feb 2003. It was described to me as small and friendly, with a door limit of only 60 people, so I expected something more cozy than the other clubs I've attended in Scotland. My first, and only, visit to date was in April and this review is based on that one attendance only.

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LondonFetishScene.com 3rd birthday partyNews

The bash is on Bank Holiday Sunday (25th May, 2003) at the Fringe, 330 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, SE10. Starts at 10pm. Ends get thrashed. This is a party to rival last year's Royals and Rebels event!

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World's most expensive shoesNews

One for the extremely rich shoe fetishists :) The full story (with pictures) can be found here.

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Cheshire SexRequest

I am currently working on a programme for Granada called Cheshire Sex. I am looking for interesting characters involved in the fetish scene in Cheshire.

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Ceasars Nightclub - New Owners - New Website!News

Ceasars Nightclub in the midlands is now under new ownership and has an exciting line-up of events planned for 2003.

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Fetish scene research - please helpRequest

I got involved in the fetish scene some five years ago via my boyfriend. I find it fascinating and populated by diverse, open, usually friendly and occasionally sexy people.

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Nightshade: Edinburgh new venueReview: Event

Nightshade (www.nightshade-club.org) have been running SM clubs in Edinburgh since September 2002, filling a void that was left when Violate stopped running Edinburgh clubs on a regular basis. On Sat 19th April, they held their first event in a new venue (Marcos). This review is specifically about that new venue, but also draws on earlier experience of Nightshade at the old venue.

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New in TownRequest

I am a pro-dom in Manhattan, but will be in London for the summer. I'd like to find a club or dungeon to work in during my stay. If anyone has any info please let me know. thanks

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