Carrying case for your canes etcReview: Product

Having been looking for an ideal way to carry canes especially crooked handle ones etc discreetly, came across a company that supplies cases to suit, suitable for canes,and other play implements.

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Liquorice Lips and All sorts of ChastityReview: Product

Now as your coconut rolls around your mouth and saliva trails down to your designer lipstick you stand and wonder.... Who is the model for male chastity devices? Strange but true; on my recent shopping missions I have found not one that fits Fable slave of the Web.

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Thank you Tongue Joy for the best week ever!!Review: Product

I've just had the best week ever and really must share this with you guys and girls.

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Eroscillator Review - Part OneReview: Product

Some of you in the chat rooms will have heard me asking questions about an 'Eroscillator' in the past week and, in recent weeks, seen my posts on u.p.b asking about vibrator recommendations. Anyhow, the Eroscillator arrived this morning and here, so far, are the initial thoughts on it.

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Ball Gag from medicaltoys.comReview: Product

Ball-gags seem to be one of those things you either love or hate. I love them. There's just something about the look of a woman with her mouth held in a nice O shape ... :-)

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Blindfold from GOReview: Product

Ok, they call it a sleep-mask, but it's the best blindfold I've ever come across.

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