Next Club Meeting for Club XtremeNews

Our next club meeting is tonight - 2nd March 2002, starting at 8pm. Our location is the Fortune function room at the Fortune of War P/H, which is 6 miles eastbound of junction 29 of the M25.

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Where can we go near Southport on Sat 2nd MarchRequest

Hi - we are a couple from Kent who WERE going to Club Flesh in London on Saturday 2nd March, but NOW have to visit parents (in-law) in Southport, Merseyside (well..Lancashire REALLY!!!)!! Are there any clubs within an hour or so's driving distance running events on that night??

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Netscape 4 fixes

I've been busy with the code that runs the website again - hopefully people who are using Netscape 4 should now see something vaguely resembling what the rest of us are looking at! :)

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Girl looking for fetish modelling assignmentsRequest

Please check my website -

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Aural Sex with The DivaReview: Event

Have you ever felt yourself getting hard or moist (as appropriate) at the sound of someone's voice? Or at the merest touch of their fingernail on the nape of the neck... you remember don't you? A little shudder, maybe a shiver... feeling warm and realising it's the heat from your own skin, flushed and pink... squirming as you realise what's happening to your body... your arousal visible to someone, anyone, who might be watching you. You tune in again to the voice and it's talking with incredible heat, a rising passion of its own... it's like listening to liquid sex... you sense the intent in that voice... you cannot escape it... it's drawing you in... you know that your vulnerabilities are about to be preyed upon... you have opened yourself up to this person and your deepest, darkest, dirtiest fantasies are about to be used, exposed, played with... and you want it... no... no.... ..... YES! YES! YES!

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Midori's Rope Bondage WorkshopReview: Event

I've just come back home after a lovely weekend, finally starting to overcome my block about rope bondage with the help of a world-renowned expert. If you get the chance to go and see her demos or to learn in workshops with Midori, do it! This is unmissable, and she's only in the UK for a short visit. We attended the workshop day on aural sex and Japanese rope bondage in Birmingham and the demonstration at the BBB.

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SubVerse Unassertiveness WorkshopReview: Event

The first SubVerse Unassertiveness Workshop went down very well with our first ten participants. The workshop was presented by two SubVerse Writers, Voxx and elle. Unfortunately the workshop got off to a late start so SubVerse took the opportunity of selling its paraphernalia before the workshop began, the booklets were very popular, the first hand-painted SubVerse tea mug was sold and an order was received for a large male SubVerse vanilla lavender tea-shirt.

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Violate: a newcomer's experienceReview: Event

I am new to the scene and decided to visit the local (Scotland) Fetish/BDSM club, Violate. I spoke to people online before attending. When the 9th of February arrived, I travelled to Edinburgh where the club was meeting that month, and found my way into the function room by following the people in fetish clothing. Once inside the dark cellar, very appropriate, I found the bar, nice prices, and waited until I recognised or was recognised by people I had met on-line. When that happened I was able to relax and enjoy myself.

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Fantasy BodywearReview: Shop

I've just found a new fetish site that might be of interest - My girlfriend has bought the aptly named fanny skirt which I do like, try it out you might find something...

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UK Fetish Info nominated for award!

Thankyou to various people who've nominated us for a New Statesman New Media award in the Online Communities category - I don't suppose we'll be seeing a fetish site win any mainstream media awards anytime soon, but it's a nice thought! If you want to nominate us too, click here (try to use the same organisation name and URL as other people ('UK Fetish Info' and '') as this will mean all the votes go in one place).

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