KinkFest 2004 - December 11thNews

December 11th brings a day of celebration and education for the BDSM and fetish communities. Unfettered - a new voluntary organisation formed to celebrate and defend the diverse sexualities of the community - are starting with a bang with Kinkfest 2004 in London followed by a play party till late.

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Ceasars Nightclub launches new websiteNews

Ceasars Nightclub is a well established, private members-only club, based in a discreet location within the Warwickshire countryside near Coventry. Every month we host a number of adult events, aimed at the Fetish, BDSM, TV and Swinging Communities.

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WWB Underground Party 29 OctReview: Event

Our first time at a fetish party. Loved every minute; the build up, the anxiety and the fun we had all night. The venue was good and the people friendly. Thanks WWB, we'll be back for a go at the main event ball soon!

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Club Rub, London, October 16th 2004 (12 entry)Review: Event

Duke's on Houndsditch looks far more like a bar than a fetish venue; but then most of the places that host fetish clubs seem to look fairly mainstream, apart from Mass. The ground floor had a bar and tables (and the cloakroom and reception) with music you could talk over. It wasn't too busy - we managed to get a table - but there wasn't much room to walk round. We sat and people-watched from our table, which is always fun. Some great outfits, and the people seemed friendly and non-intrusive.

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Unmasked - for male submissives, London 14th Oct.News

Newbies, those with little real life experience or anybody looking to extend their BDSM friendship circle, can come and chat, try play and enjoy the company of dominant ladies and sub males. Not hardcore, almost like a house party atmosphere.

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Used FetishReview

Cool auction site. I have got some kinky bargains through them. And also sold quite a few items that I was a bit embarrased to take to the charity shop... Hopefully more people will be posting more items as it grows, needs a bit more variety. Sure I will be there bidding. The website address is

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Absolution Friday 27th AugustReview: Event

I know that there are a lot of people that read these comments and I thought that perhaps an insight to what trials and tribulations occur when trying to organise an event. On Thursday afterneeon I arrived at the venue to set up for Fridays event. After succesfully hanging the drapes, we had the venue management unlock the room that we use as a part store room and dungeon only to find that there had been a small water leak and the romm was incredibly damp. That was the first problem. Problem number two was that someone had nicked the cash tray from the till. I did not think that things could go futrther askew but I was wrong. On Thursday morning I had alreay spoken with both my DJs for the evening to check that they were still ok for the night. I tried again on Friday but was unable to get them.....strange. 8:00 p.m. I thought I had better pick up some CDs from work to drop on for the early part of the evening. When I got to the venue, I was told that the Venues resident DJ would not be able to play for Absolution. So with a handfull of Cds, a 5 min course on how to use the decks I was dropped in the deep end 5Hours of DJing wow!!!. So that was the third problem. The fourth problem occured when the security peeps started letting vanillas downstairs and as I was Djing I could not eject them as quickly as I would have liked.

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Meeting re Kinkfest 2004 - Saturday 28th AugustNews

Following on from the online meeting, we are planning a real-life meeting Saturday week, at the ST, 28 Warren Street, London, W1T 5ND

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Violate Skin Two CompetitionNews

The nice folk at Skin Two have donated 2 tickets for their world famous Rubber Ball and the Skin Two Expo. So we've come up with a caption competition that's open to all. Check out for details of how to enter the competition. Remember, anyone can enter.

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Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (August)Review: Event

Today I paid my first visit to the BBB. I wasn't actually as impressed as I was expecting to be, finding it fairly similar to the London Fetish Fair, another event that leaves me wondering 'yes, but now what?'. I think these events may be more valuable to the BDSM crowd rather than fetishists - although there were quite a few clothing stalls dotted around the place. There did seem to be a little more variety in the goods on offer compared to the LFF though, from what I could see/remember.

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