Compulsion in Birmingham (August)Review: Event

I finally made it back to Compulsion this month, after having my plans for a faster return foiled by the motorbike accident last summer. The venue remains one of the best laid-out I've ever seen for a fetish night, and the event has built up a solid crowd in two of the three areas it seems to be aiming at. For a relatively small event, this is definitely one of the best I've been to.

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A more natural kind of adult fun shopReview: Shop

Every year and in every industry more and more shop owners are adding organic and all-natural lines to their inventory due to a rising demand in healthy altenatives. Why then do we not see this tendency in adult products?

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AbsolutionReview: Event

After some time away we ventured out to Absolution last Friday night which is now based at Pink Punters. The club has improved greatly with seperate entrance, bar area, dance floor and dungeon.Well done to Absolution and PP on providing a great venue.We were a bit early (10pm) and the club was slow to get going but improved as the night went on with great music. (how about all in by 11.00p.m. as at Ceasars) Anyway it was great and hopefully will get even better. We understand this is now a monthly event and hope to make it reguarly. Its a great mix of people all very friendly and having a good time.But would like to see a few more. Perhaps needs better advertising?

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Merseyside Fetish MarketNews

The Merseyside Fetish Market (MFM) opens it's doors for the first time on Sunday 5th September 2004 at Noon. The venue is Hev'n & hell, 5-7 Fleet St, Liverpool L1 4AR which is a few minutes walk from Central and Lime St stations, right in the heart of the city center. There will be 2 floors of stalls, a licensed bar, and a chill out area where you can meet up with friends. The market closes at 4pm but the bar area will remain open till 5.30pm. Admission is 2, over 18's only. The market is aimed at the fetish/bdsm/goth and alternative communities, with the stalls present offering items that will appeal to a wide range of tastes and perversions.

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Erotic EdenReview: Event

Thanks to everyone who attend our Erotic Eden event on Sunday 25th July. We had over 350 colourfully kinky guests and thought the atmosphere was excellent. It is a large venue with a greater capacity and, up to a point, more people would definitely add to the occasion, so spreading the word will ensure that Erotic Eden continuous to grow...

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Fetish Virgin at Erotic EdenReview: Event

I was invited along to erotic eden on sunday as a vip guest & although i own a shop selling fetish wear i had never been to a fetish club before. I was quite apprehensive as i didnt quite know what to expect but at the same time really excited. I loved dressing up & could't belive that little old me could look so sexy!!!

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public spankingRequest

Hello all, I'm currently seeing a girl who's taken me down the road of the BDMS scene, although in a fairly light manner. She enjoys being spanked, which didn't take long for me to get into, usually by hand, occasionally with a paddle or a cat-o-nine. Her other thing being exhibitionism, which I'm really into and as far as sex in public places and the odd bit of flashing, I'm full of ideas, but she wants to be spanked in a remotely public place and have people see it being done. This one I'm not so sure on, we've done the obveous one, in a wood near a path , but other than that I dont know. Could anyone offer any suggestions as how we can do more without offending too manypeople ore getting into grief with The Old Bill?? Any comments greatfully receaved!

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SM Pride 2004 - proposalRequest

Sadly, the organisation seems to have folded due to sickness of committee members. Mail to the official address remain unanswered.

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Aberdeen Scotland EventReview: Event

I've heard that theres a fetish club event happening in Aberdeen on the 20th August in the Mint Club. Theres details on the Violate website who are providing the equipment. Looks like a good one.

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Ill give free access to my 4 new bondage pay siteRequest

... in return for some photoshop help..

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