BFE 13th Jan 2002 (Market + Party)News

The 5th Bristol Fetish Emporium & Party... Sunday 13th Jan 2002 and 2nd Sunday in every month there after. The market runs from 11am to 5pm. January is famous for SAVING MONEY therefore we have negotiated with most traders that they offer a discount on their already low prices (some items will not be discounted).

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Merry Xmas!

I'm away for the next couple of days, so I'll post this now - hope everyone has a great Xmas! Don't forget to post reviews of any events you go to and any good presents you get!! :)

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BFE Sunday 9th December is a HITReview: Event

Despite some adverse publicity at the 11th hour, the pervy public flocked to BFE's Xmas event. There were the usual traders including me plus some new ones. The BFE controlled the film crew which had caused all the pre-event consternation, as they always said they would!! with the result the atmosphere was light hearted and very seasonal.

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Advice, please!Request

I'm a bit new to all this, so I'd appreciate any pointers about clubs, and places to buy fetish gear etc, in the Liverpool/Manchester area. Here's hoping!

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Feminism and PornographyFeature

The area of sexual representation has long been a battleground for feminists. In this piece I will be looking at the traditional feminist objections to pornography and some of the arguments against them, to which end I have elected to base my discussion quite loosely around Kathy Myers' piece entitled "Towards a Feminist Erotica", because I believe this to be a useful piece in that it not only sets out the different perspectives but also offers some realistic strategies for change.

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Depilation for the TerrifiedFeature

Body hair - who needs it ? Well I suppose it does have some potential for fun, I once knew a man who shaved his pubic hair star-shaped and dyed it electric blue. Personally though I prefer to be hairless, and this is something I share with many others in the fetish/BDSM community. There is a great deal of attraction in the look and feel of a thoroughly depilated body, and over the years I have researched and experimented with many different methods of pubic hair removal. I thought I'd share some of this knowledge.

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Eroscillator Review - Part OneReview: Product

Some of you in the chat rooms will have heard me asking questions about an 'Eroscillator' in the past week and, in recent weeks, seen my posts on u.p.b asking about vibrator recommendations. Anyhow, the Eroscillator arrived this morning and here, so far, are the initial thoughts on it.

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Watch fetish morris dancers on TVRequest

If yourself or anyone else is interested in going to the Bristol Fetish Emporium on 9th December, we'll be going there on a day trip to film a group of fetish morris dancers. We are keen to film people watching their performance, and in maybe carrying out short (ie 5 min) interviews with people on the day, about their fetish/lifestyle/pleasure seeking etc, taking care not to film anyone in the background who hasn't consented to taking part in the documentary.

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TheClink Review - November 24th, 2001Review: Event

Sore bits! Ouch, painful but enjoyable sore bits! You know when you wake up with sore bits, have a big silly grin on your face and you know, just know, that you had a brilliant night... Well, as I write this my partner, Jenny, and I both have very sore bits indeed!

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Pleasure Seekers sought for ITV documentaryRequest

An ITV documentary - Pleasure Seekers (going out around 10pm sometime in early 2002) is looking for people to take part. The series explores the 'alternative' (what 'joe bloggs' would consider alternative!) ways that people seek out and receive pleasure - it takes a positive, upbeat, non-judgemental tone as is indicated in the title - it's about pleasure, not problems. As it is a documentary series, we follow the contributors personal journey, which gives people a chance to show a new audience how and why they gain pleasure from what they do.

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