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Allen from Torture Garden wrote: Following a recent change of management and various other venue improvements, TG's Club Flesh will merge with our Cybersex events and re-launch at Cynthia's on a monthly basis from February onwards.

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London Fetish FairReview: Event

Well, I found the fetish fair at The Drome last month (many thanks to all those who advised me where it was - London Bridge Tube is closest). I hadn't been since the summer and so was looking forward to seeing how things were now.

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Ball Gag from medicaltoys.comReview: Product

Ball-gags seem to be one of those things you either love or hate. I love them. There's just something about the look of a woman with her mouth held in a nice O shape ... :-)

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Blindfold from GOReview: Product

Ok, they call it a sleep-mask, but it's the best blindfold I've ever come across.

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2001 Erotic AwardsNews

The Erotic Awards are the longest running adult awards in the UK. Presented each year at the Sex Maniacs' Ball, they aim to "promote pride and excellence in the sex world".

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ASA Ban Yves St Laurent NudeNews

The Advertising Standards Authority have banned a poster campaign from Yves St Laurent on the grounds that it featured a nude female in a reclining pose, and this was somehow indecent or pornographic.

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Rapture - NovemberReview: Event

This is a repost of a review I wrote of last month's Rapture, for the benefit of anyone reading here who is thinking of going to the next one...

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Tight Laced - DecemberReview: Event

Four weeks have passed since last I partied in Cambridge, and so it was that last night I found myself loading the car with music and friends and heading for another Tight Laced event...

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BDSM_Manchester_UK and the Bull shitOpinion/Rant

We see the rumour mongers are at work again, so I will post in here. We would really like to do it "Face to Face" unfortunately the people concerned don't seem to go to BDSM clubs and talk to me.

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Erotica 2000Review: Event

Nanette & I spent a few hours at Erotica on the Friday night.

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