Club Rub - JanuaryReview: Event

Can a dom with a sub rather than a slave manage with an economy sized stick? Or is it the other way round, with a wayward sub justifying a bigger stick than a more well-behaved model? If you give a sub a stick does she metamorphose into a domme?

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A weekend at MsDemmie's 'The Edge'Review

What can I say ? Toppitoes and I had a wonderful time. For a start the location in a remote part of North Devon has to be seen to be believed. It is so peaceful that you feel that you have drifted into another world the moment you arrive.

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Westward Bound via InternetReview: Shop

For Xmas I was spoilt rotten by my wonderful boyfriend who bought me a rubber dress from Westward Bound, using their webpages to order it.

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Absolution (Friday 26th January)Review: Event

Friday was the latest event put on by the Milton Keynes based Absolution team, the second event they have put on at a new venue, the Pink Punter. Sadly, although the event staff made loads of improvements to the evening based on customer feedback from their previous events, their efforts were almost totally overshadowed by an influx of lager-louts in jeans and t-shirts who were apparently "friends of the manager's son".

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Rapture Christmas Party (December)Review: Event

Given the exorbitant cost of club entry, drinks and a cab across London, we thought why not try a bit of sex tourism... get out of London... it can't be any more hassle, or cost that much more...and the outside London clubs get rave reviews. So after dipping our toes into the provincial pond with a trip to Manchester's Lash, we booked tickets for the Christmas Party at Rapture, a Roissy-organised club 12 miles south of Birmingham.

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Torture Garden Review 20th Jan 2001Review: Event

Although I've been to a few fetish clubs in the past, I'd never actually been to Mass - the regular venue for TG. The venue itself is a converted church and the entrance is at the basement. We got a little confused because there was ground level entrance to another club which we mistakenly strated to queue up for!

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Vaultan is opening new venue your ideasNews

A new true fetish / bdsm / body sex venue is being planned to open soon in the UK. Make it your kind of club / venue by giving your ideas and needs and desires to me and I will give you the supreme as enjoyed in other parts of the world. Do it now to ........ .... Not to my friend who is kind enough to use his connections for us. VAULTAN

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Torture Garden Merchandise DeptReview: Shop

Early December I ordered a CD from the Torture Garden website's merchandise section... I had asked the DJ at Tight Laced for info on a particular track he often plays, and it turned out to be on a compilation from TG, which I figured would be a safe bet to have some other good stuff on it too!

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Survey re personal adsRequest

I am writing an article for the London Fetish Scene site about the use of personal ads, how do people meet BDSM partners etc.

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Documentary wants you!? ('Sex Over 40')Review: Event

I am trying to find people who use fetish wear and accessories to enhance their sex-lives to take part in a new Yorkshire Television documentary series called 'Sex Over 40'.

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