BDSM Swap Shop - Great site!Review

When fed up with television repeats and turkey left overs at Christmas, we went for a look around on the Internet. We were really impressed when we stumbled on the BDSM swap shop through a link on this site.

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BFE 13th JanReview: Event

I just had to write to let anyone who might be as nervous as I was about attending my first fetish fair and party know how my first visit to the Bristol Fetish Emporium went.

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Hello to the U.K. fetish community. We are trying to grow in Italy a community like this one. Our idea is to create galleries and articles by Mistresses that can express their superiority not only with a whip but also with a pencil, or a photo camera or another form of expression...

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London Communities Party and WorkshopNews

We are starting our New Year off with a weekend of fun to celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary of the Inception of the London Communities Room/Munch/Community. Starting with our first munch of the year which will be held on Friday, January 18th at the Princess Louise Pub at 208 High Holborn, London. It will start at 6pm and continue on till around 10:30ish. There will be a door prize giving out to one of our guests just for showing up.

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Workshops & Skill ImprovementsNews

For a long time those of us lucky enough to cross the Atlantic to attend large Party's and Conventions in the BDSM world , have known that the skill levels and sharing we have here in the UK is behind that enjoyed in other countries noticeably America.

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Absolutely Alternative updateNews

In reference to Absolutely Alternative event on the 25th January 2002 we are now able to bring in three DJ's for the night to provide us with a mix of modern dance music. There will also be separate sounds in our new larger dungeon, Hope to see you there,

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LeCage/Roissy eventsRequest

Hi - I'm looking to attend Le Cage and Rapture events for the first time. Does anyone have information and opinions regarding these events. Worthwhile attending or not?

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Leeds Erotic Emporium opens 27 JanNews

The Leeds Erotic Emporium is set to open its doors on Sunday 27th January 2002, and thereafter the 4th Sunday of every month -

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New feature:

I finished adding a new feature to the site today, I hope you like it! All logged in users can now add entries to their own weblog, which can be read by anyone visiting the site. A weblog is a kind of online journal, you can put whatever you want in it - perhaps thoughts about the fetish lifestyle that don't seem to fit in as comments on any of the articles but which you'd like to share anyway...

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1st Timers Club Recommendation?Request

My partner and I have only recently discovered (almost by accident, but that's another story!), that adopting a mistress/slave relationship is the best thing we have ever done. It has rapidly developed from being something that we talked about playing with occasionally, to a 24/7 way of life - even if a lot of the time it has to be subtle and played purely on a psychological level. We are greedily devouring any information we can find about fetishwear, equipment, terminology, etc., as we would really like to venture onto the scene.

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